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Granite Mountain

  • Mon, May 16, 2016
  • Granite Mountain
  • Day Hiking

Trip date May 15, 2016. This conditioning hike was originally scheduled to Camp Muir. I changed it to Granite Mtn. because of the bad weather forecast. Started 8:20 a.m. in misty drizzle from Pratt Lake t.h. Patchy snow began about 1,000' from the summit. Visibility was fairly poor on upper slope, but a variety of discernible boot tracks more or less lead to the summit ridge. Knowledge of the route is needed if you do not rely on GPS. The basin did not appear to have been traveled, and a moat was forming along the north side of the lower ridge. An obvious boot track was visible going straight up the ridge, but I decided to call it the summit about 300' below because we could not see very far and it appeared that a lot of boulders mixed with melting snow were at least partially exposed. We were not prepared for a ridge scramble with ice axes and helmet. 5 hours rt. A great conditioning hike with a fun, strong group!