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Burroughs Mountain & Skyscraper Mountain

We left the Sunrise parking lot at 8am, reaching the summit of Burroughs Mountain (Third Burroughs) at 10am. We then descended back to the low point between Second and Third Burroughs. We followed the ridge from Second Burroughs to Skyscraper Mountain. There is a large rock band on the ridge but we were able to follow what looked like a goat path just below the west side of the ridge without losing much extra elevation. Some boulder hopping was required. We reached the summit of Skyscrapper at 11:50am. We enjoyed the views and ate lunch, leaving the summit at 12:30pm. The only water access on route was found on the trail from Skyscraper back to Paradise. We did not travel over snow although there were a few small patches on Third Burroughs. Total trip time ~6.5hrs.


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