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Boulder Ridge/East Shoulder (Olympics)

We scrambled Boulder Ridge (Pt 6852) on 8/8/2015, gaining well over 5,000' in 12 hours of travel. As the approach to the summit rock is steep and very loose, a party size of 6 or less would be recommended; we had abundant opportunity to use all our tactics of rock fall avoidance. As an extra, added attraction we found a cavernous overhang in the final basin chock full of bones, many large enough to suggest mountain goat remains. We conjectured a cougar den. The approaching storm clouds must have gotten tangled on the Royal Basin peaks, giving us just a few short, light showers. Here’s a route description:

Hike the upper Quilicene trail to Marmot Pass. Take the well-established way trail up and over Pt. 6294. From the saddle to its south, drop into the basin to the east, curl around a rock rib and enter the system of basins to the east. Make a rising traverse across the basins, then ascend a Z-shaped system of terraces, heading towards the skyline ridge and aiming at a point between Boulder Ridge and its west summit. From here the basin with the ‘permanent snow field’ is apparent. Descend to the basin’s terminal moraine and ascend the steep and very louse alluvial fan to the narrow gully with a giant chock stone. Pass under the chock stone, climb to scrambler’s left out of the slot and ascend moderate scramble slope to the collection of summits a short distance away.