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Trip Report    

Beginner Sail - Esther, Port of Edmonds Marina

What looked like it might be a slog and struggle turned out for the much better. Though where was everyone else?

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • What started out on paper as an uphill slog both ways actually turned out pretty good.  We had a downwind run in the AM which was fine even with the outgoing tide.  Coming back was upwind and against the tide as expected, but under much sunnier skies than in the morning.

What started with low expectations as far as environmental conditions actually turned out pretty good.  We met at the dock under overcast skies.  The tide was dropping rapidly, and would do so right until about the time we planned to turn around and go home, so it would be an "uphill" slog both ways against the tide, and the predicted light Southerly wind.  But what do you know, the wind was fresh from the North and stayed that way all day.

On board were Kyle and Curtis, two students on their Crew class sails, and Hillary, who is an experienced sailor.  Hillary got to be First Mate and was an excellent co-teacher.  The big plan of the day, which necessitated the plan to go against wind and tide, was to meet up with other Mountaineer's boats in Port Madison.  We got to the boat and after the brief safety orientation and familiarization got underway.  As a training event, the new crew were put through the basic tack and jibe maneuvers.  With the comfortable breeze, it was pretty nice to be able to get the turns in. After a couple of those, we turned the bow South and ran for Port Madison, dodging ferries along the way.  The practice time and probably the ebb tide slowed us.  As not to be late for the raft up, we eventually started Iron Jenny and motored into Port Madison.


Now, imagine our surprise to find ourselves the first Mountaineer boat in there.  Or more precisely, the ONLY Mountaineer boat there.  And the only one for the afternoon at all.  Oh well, guess they didn't get the memo.  Some other boats, probably SSYC, rafted up nearby.  But as we were already hanging on a mooring ball, we opted to just have our potluck food right there.  The cockpit provided some cover from the Northerly wind and we feasted on many fine dishes.  Of special note as Kyle's home made elk sausage, and his home made (modified?) mustard.

Lunch in Port MadisonAfter as fine repast, we cleared for action, dropped the mooring line, and motored back into the channel.  First we took a peak back into Little Port Madison, to look at Hillary's dad's now former boat, and at the house that never did belong to Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston. Poking our bow back into big Port Madison, we hoisted sail and headed East.  A couple cruise ships pulling out told us the summer season is upon us, but since it was only two, not six, ships, we are not yet in full swing.  Soon we'll be dodging them by the half dozens or so.

At the tiller.But it was getting late, and we were truly in our upwind crawl against the tide and well as the breeze, so soon found we had to call upon Iron Jenny again to get us home before dark.  Seals, we saw some. Bald eagles, swimming birds, gulls.  

Putting the boat to bed.

A steady motor, a soft landing, and we were back at the dock only a little salt stained.  I wish I could recall all the good things about the day, but already the memories are fading.  But summer is just here and we should have more good times ahead.  Thanks to all the crew for a great day on the water.  Amazing how much a nice downwind sail can really make your day.

Your hmbl svt,