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Basic Snowshoe - Wenatchee Crest

A trip on the crest of Wenatchee Crest. Stepping off the road track, that was packed boot solid.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The trip to Blewett Pass is all on pavement.  There was snow coming down in our morning trip (and stop a Hyak Sno-Park for a permit).   The skies opened up quite a lot about Easton.    The roads once over the pass were bare and dry.   On the return trip, again wetness encountered as we neared the pass, with rain on the drop to the west. Heavy rain through North Bend.  



As we started out at 9:30 am it was partly clouding .  As the day progressed, the cloud cover closed up, and we could see flurries coming our way from the north.   These largely stayed off- allowing a niece view to the south at our turn around point about 4700', just short of Cairn Hill.  My GPS tracked showed total elevation gain for the day of ~1100'.   Temperature varied up to 40, with a low shown of 31 at elevation.  A couple of exposed areas we encountered a brisk wind.

We only found prior tracks as we ascended towards Cairn Hill, and these were snowed over impressions.  So we had a great day traveling, making fresh tracks, routefinding up and down the ridge knolls.   Newer  snow depth was generally around 8-10", with some small wind pillows deeper, and wind swept/sun exposed areas that were bare.    There did not appear to be any fresh snow in the past 24 hours.    The snow surface varied from nice soft powdery,  to crusted over, probably from sun exposure.  


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