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Basic Glacier Climb - Mount Rainier/Disappointment Cleaver

Route is still fairly direct and in good shape. No ladders at this time.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Route is still direct and in good shape. Temps have stayed fairly low snow bridges and crevasses are passable and in good condition.  A few hand lines put in by the guide service but no major crossings to worry about. No fixed protection or ladders at this time. New this year: car-to-car ascents still need an overnight permit as they are trying to limit the number of climbers on the mountain.  Pro tip:  Short rope through the Cleaver.  If you can find a place to unrope where you are certain you are free of rock fall, that's great... but otherwise move quickly and together through this section as a short-roped team.  There is a reason the guide services all short rope the entire Cleaver.    

Thanks to Bill for organizing this climb, getting permits and sending out all the logistical emails.  Bill did a great job assembling the team and leading the entire trip. I just had to show up and climb!