Trip Report    

Backpacking Building Blocks Student-Only Backpack - Thunder Creek

Wonderful early season hike and backpack through rolling forest trail along the river. Great riverfront camp sites.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • McAllister campground is closed due to bridge wash out.

We arrived at the Marblemount Ranger Station on Saturday morning shortly after 9am. The first car members secured a back country permit at Neve campground for our group of 8. We hiked in 2.2 miles to the campsite, set up camp most of us at the river front location and couple tents up the hill from us. After lunch we took our day pack items and walked further on Thunder Creek trail. We hiked around 4miles and turned back to make sure we went back to camp at a decent time for dinner. It was a hot day and mid-afternoon and the long walk was challenging for some.

Sunday morning, 6 of us left at around 8am to go up to Fourth of July pass. 2 of the members decided to relax and enjoyed the morning by the river. We turned around after 2 hours of hiking up 2000 ft elevation gain and returned to camp to pack up for our return home.IMG_2180.JPG


Good work by all the participants in being flexible and adventuresome. We did more hiking than the published trip. Excellent conditioning!