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Backpack - Dosewallips River/Abandoned National Park Road

Absolutely gorgeous area although the walk along the road gets tedious at times. Brian does a good job looking out for everyone and has entertaining group activities.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The road to the trail head had some potholes.  Not any that would swallow your car but does take some navigating.  

    The trail is muddy in some  places but  since this is a hike on a washed out road its pretty smooth going.  There were some blow downs that you had to crawl over and it was muddy in the wooded areas but easy to step through or on the edge of the puddles.

The view of the Falls was breath taking and there was lots of bird song.  The sword ferns were unraveling their fiddle heads, maples budding out in the lower elevation and saw many calypso orchids, steam violets and trillium.