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Alpine Scramble - Tamanos Mountain

Tamanos Scramble

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The parking lot was listed online as being closed due to construction but was available when we got there. it was freshly paved and painted.  We got there at 6:30am to ensure we got parking.  

The trail is in great shape all the way to the climbers trail (a bit past the lake) that leads right and up to the Tamanos ridge line.  It was easy to miss but if you looked to the right as you exit out of the trees into a flat open basin you will easily see it become obvious 30-40 yards away.  It was in reasonably good shape all the way to the top of the ridge.

After hitting the ridge we just followed the still obvious trail up and along the ridge until we hit a blocky outcropping that blocked continue travel.  dropping to the left 10' you can either go over an easy ledge and then a not quite as easy down climb for 20' or you can drop another 30' and go under the ledge out cropping and avoid the down climb. We did the ledge going in and went lower on the way out to avoid it.  

20' past the ledge we climbed back up to gain the ridge line and ran that mainly on the left or on top the rest of the way to the summit.  fairly easy travel that seemed low T2'ish at most.  

A relatively short day for a moderate group.  we were back to the cars by  1:30pm that afternoon.  

Note the entrance traffic was backed up a good mile coming into the park as we drove out that afternoon.  This is typical of what I've seen all spring/summer for Rainier for all entrances by mid day.  Go early unless you like sitting in traffic in the forest.  (-: