Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Putrid Pete's Peak & Web Mountain

Steep boot path up P3 followed by a ridge scramble to Web.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Ira Spring TH closed on weekdays. Used the lower trailhead at Exit 42 near the WB freeway ramp. Trails all in good condition. No water sources after leaving Mason Creek.

Starting from the lower trailhead at Exit 42 at 9am, we followed the trail up along Mason Creek to Road 9030, walking it to the Ira Spring Trailhead. From there we followed the standard route up Putrid Pete's Peak, starting with switchbacks up through the forest until the trail became very steep, shooting straight up toward the sky! The trail broke out of the trees and despite the grueling heat, the abundant blooming beargrass and the nice views eased the suffering. We followed the steep path to the base of P3's summit block, which involved a simple short rock scramble to the top. We arrived at the summit of P3 a little before 12:30.




We followed the ridge west toward P3. Often followed a non-technical faint boot path and stayed below rock outcroppings on the ridge until we gained the ridge top as we neared Web. We scrambled up a rock move that led to the summit, arriving at 1:05pm.




After returning to the boot path below P3, we carefully descended the steep mountainside and hiked out the trail we hiked in on, passing the Ira Spring Trail and hiking back down the lower connector trail along Mason Creek back to the lower trailhead, returning at 4:30pm.