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Alpine Scramble - Hidden Lake Lookout & Peak

Great day on the Mountain!

  • Road rough but passable
  • Road - there are one or two large rocks blocking the road about 1/4 mile from the trailhead and some damage to the road after that. There is a spot to turn around a bit before the open area with the rocks - you can park 4 or 5 cars along the side pretty easily. Other than that, the road is fairly rough but passable.

    The trail has some blow downs. Consistent snow started around 4200' or about 1 mile into the trail. There is a boardwalk that is mostly melted out, but there are a couple of snow bridge areas that are getting sketchy - you can probably get around them if you need to, but they will likely be gone before too long. The East Fork of the Sibley Creek was completely covered so we were able to easily cross that. 

    Snow was pretty good. No traction devices were required. Post holing was very rare. I'd say in general, the top 6 inches was soft, but deeper than that was consolidated. Some evidence of small slides that occurred somewhat recently, but nothing concerning.

    Some big cornices on the summit and along the ridge down to the lookout from the summit.

We started about 1/2 mile short of the trailhead due to the road blockage. We started at about 8:30 AM and finished at around 6PM. The large amount of snow made the trip relatively slow.

At the point where the trail reaches the East Fork of Sibley Creek, the route was snow covered, so we basically took the easiest route straight up the canyon. Once we passed around 5300' we started traversing for about a mile - basically following where the trail was, again, picking the easiest route. We continued to follow the trail until around 6200', where we headed straight for the summit.

We reached the summit at around 2pm. The trip in had a mix of sun and clouds, so there were plenty of excellent views. 

We glissaded off the summit (the snow was a bit slow for this, but by the 9th person it was good enough) and down the canyon. That saved us some time. On the way back we got rained on pretty good and some fog moved in.

Overall, great trip - probably a bit more strenuous than a S3 due to dealing with 2800 ft elevation gain in mushy snow. Wasn't too technically challenging.