Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Davis Peak

We hiked the Davis Peak trail to the lookout site, then scrambled its Central Peak.

  • Road rough but passable
  • Some snow on the ridge between the old lookout site and the Central Peak, but not enough to cause difficulty.

Out of concern for possible snow conditions on the long talus traverse to Hardy Mountain, the destination of the trip was changed to Davis Peak.

As one participant said, the Davis Peak trail may be one of the most pleasant ways to gain 4,000' in the Cascades; it's well graded and unusually smooth.  There's a well-demarcated boot path from the lookout site right to the Central Summit, easy for scramblers but maybe a little challenging for hikers.  The last few feet to the summit have a couple delicate steps and some exposure, not likely to be suited for those without scramble experience  but fine for proper scramblers.  The summit itself is tight, we went to the top one by one.