Wahtum Lake, Chinidere & Tomlike Mountains

A pair of peaks with a network of trails leading to spectacular views of Mount Hood that start at Wahtum Lake near the Columbia River Gorge. When approached from the southeast they provide access to the Mark O Hatfield wilderness while bypassing areas affected by the 2017 Eagle Creek fire.

getting there

Take Exit 62 off of I-84 and turn right onto US-30 (Cascade Ave). Drive 1.3 miles and turn right onto 13th St (Country Road 281. Continue 5.1 miles south on Counrty Road 281 as it becomes  Tucker Rd and, just after crossing Hood River, turn right onto Dee Highway and still Country Road 281. Drive 6.2 miles, turn left onto Lost Lake Rd, continue 4.9 miles, and turn right onto Forest Road 13. In 4.5 miles, turn right onto Forest Road 1310, and continue 6 miles to the trailhead and small campground (3,950 ft).

on the trail

Tomlike Mountain and Chindere Mountain are peaks on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge above the point where the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) passes Wahtum Lake.  Tomlike Mountain (4,555 ft) features a spectacular open ridgeline walk to it summit. Chindere Mountain (4,673 ft) offers  a 360° view of the surrounding area including Mount Hood. 

Unlike other peaks in the Eagle Creek area, Tomlike and Chindere are in an area that was not affected by the 2017 Eagle Creek and Indian Creek fires. When approached from the southeast they provide a way to visit the high country of the Mark O Hatfield Wilderness without going through a burn area. The route starts at the Wahtum Lake Trailhead, which is about an hour's drive from Hood River, OR.

The area has many interconnected trails that can be combined to visit Tomlike Mountain, Chindere Mountain, and Wahtum Lake.  The descriptions below describe three example routes, but there are other combinations.

Tomlike Mountain—Chinidere Mountain Loop

7-mile loop with 1952 feet of elevaton gain

Hiking the loop counterclockwise loop to visit the summits of Tomlike and Chindere then return via Wahtum Lake.

  • Leg 1: From the Wahtum Lake Trailhead follow the Anthill Trail north to the Tomlike Mountain Trail, and then follow it to the summit. 
  • Leg 2: From the summit of Tomlike Mountain head back down the Tomlike Mountain Trail to the Herman Creek Trail, follow it west to the Chindere Mountain trail, then take the Chindere Mountain trail to the summit of Chindere Mountain. 
  • Leg 3: From the summit of Chindere Mountain follow the Chindere Mountain down to the Eagle Creek Trail at the western end of Wahtum Lake. Hike east  on the Eagle Creek trail to the PCT, then and follow it east to a spur that returns to the trailhead.

Tomlike Mountain (4,555 ft)

5.9 miles round trip with 1450 feet of elevation  gain (1000 feet to the summit and  450 feet on the return)

From the Wahtum Lake trailhead follow the Anthill Trail north to the Tomlike Mountain Trail, then follow it to the summit.

Chinidere Mountain (4,673 ft)

2.1 miles round trip with 1300 feet of elevation gain (1000 feet to the summit and 300 feet on the return)

From the Wahtum Lake trailead take the spur trail to the PCT and then follow the PCT west to the Eagle Creek Trail. Follow the Eagle Creek Trail a short distance to the intersection with the Chindere Mountain Trail, then hike it to the summit.


  • There are many small trails near the trailhead. Be sure to consult the map when planning a trip and traveling.
  • Suitable Activities: Day Hiking
  • Seasons: June, July, August, September, October, November
  • Weather: View weather forecast
  • Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
  • Length: 7.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 1,952 ft
  • 4,665 ft
  • Land Manager: Mount Hood National Forest
    Mark O. Hatfield Wilderness, Hood River Ranger District (MHNF)
  • Parking Permit Required: Northwest Forest Pass
  • Recommended Party Size: 12
  • Maximum Party Size: 12
  • Maximum Route/Place Capacity: 12
  • Green Trails Columbia River Gorge West No. 428S

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  • Tomlike Mountain—Chinidere Mountain Loop
  • Tomlike Mountain
  • Chinidere Mountain
  • Wahtum Lake & Chinidere Mountain

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