Cape Scott

Paddle from Port Hardy around Cape Scott to Coal Harbor. It's a challenging, multi-day sea kayaking trip around the northwestern point of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

Launch points

  • Launch in Port Hardy from the public water front and take out at Coal Harbor.  Arrange a car shuttle between the two.
  • Optional take out at San Josef Bay with shuttle from North Cost Trail Shuttle (

on the water

A challenging multi-day trip around the north western most point of Vancouver island.  Paddling varies from protected channels with strong currents to open coast and surf beaches.  The waters in the Scott Channel (off Cape Scott) can be chaotic with strong currents and ocean swell.

Camping and route information is available from the BC Marine Trails website. Members can download detailed location information. This is an organization worth joining.


  • Consider paddling out to the Scott Islands as a side trip option.
  • Guidebook Reference: BC Coast Explorer and Marine Trail Guide, Vol. 1 by John Kimantas (Wild Coast Publishing 2014).
  • Guidebook Reference: The Wild Coast, Volume 1: A Kayaking, Hiking and Recreation Guide for North and West Vancouver Island by John Kimantas (Whitecap Books Ltd, 2010).

information for leaders

Considerations for international travel

  • Start by reviewing the latest regulations.
  • Everyone will need a passport or other valid ID such as a NEXUS card.
  • NEXUS cards can save a lot of time but only work if everyone in the car has one.
  • Make sure your vehicle insurance is valid for Canada.
  • Make sure your health insurance is valid for Canada.
  • Border crossing regulations are strict in both directions. Know what you’re allowed to take and declare everything to avoid problems.
  • You may be able to save time by checking alternate border crossings. Find apps that show updated times and other good tips.
  • Suitable Activities: Sea Kayaking
  • Seasons: June, July, August, September
  • Weather: View weather forecast
  • Length: 100.0 nm
  • Land Manager: Cape Scott Provoncial Park
  • Parking Permit Required: None
  • Recommended Party Size: 12
  • Maximum Party Size: 12
  • Maximum Route/Place Capacity: 12
  • CHS No. 3605 - Quatsino Sound to Queen Charlotte Strait
  • CHS No. 3624 - Cape Cook to Cape Scott
  • CHS No. 3549 - Queen Charlotte Strait West
  • CHS No. 3625 - Scott Islands
  • CHS No. 3679 - Quatsino Sound

Upcoming Activities

Sea Kayak - Cape Scott

Sea Kayaking Trip
Open coastal paddle in God's Pocket extending around Cape Scott to Coal Harbor
Difficulty: Sea Kayak V
Sun, Aug 9, 2020 - Sat, Aug 22, 2020
Prerequisites, Leader's Permission Required
5 participants 3 leaders
Tacoma Branch
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