Global Adventure - Cross-country Ski in Norway


Global Adventure - Cross-country Ski in Norway

A two week lodge-based trip in which we will cross country ski right out the door of our mountain hotels, on large network of beautifully groomed, intermediate trails. On two days, we will ski to our next lodge, with a luggage transfer.

  • Sun, Mar 5, 2023 — Sat, Mar 18, 2023
  • Global Adventures Committee
  • Global Adventures, Cross-country Skiing
  • Adults
  • N3 Nordic Intermediate Ski
  • Challenging
  • Mileage: 14.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 800 ft
  • High Point Elevation: 3,500 ft
  • Pace: moderate to brisk

Oslo is where our 14 day (13 night) trip both begins and ends.  Using easy transit from the airport, you will arrive at our downtown hotel on Sunday, March 5th.  (You will need to depart Seattle on Saturday March 4.)  We will explore the city for a full day on Monday, and then depart by train on Tuesday for ski country. We return to Oslo on Friday March 17 so that you can fly home on Saturday March 18. 

Cost: $3800 ($1900 is the initial deposit)

Itinerary Highlights: 

We start our adventure with a morning guided walking tour of the historic city of Oslo to get a taste of Norwegian urban life and visit a few historical and cultural sites before taking train transport the next morning north to ski country.  

 Our ski journey begins in the picturesque hills above the Olympic town of Lillehammer, which is the beginning of the long Gudbrandsdalen Valley.  Over the next 10 days we will get to experience the trails and terrain on both sides of this valley, at altitudes of 2,000-3,500 ft. 

 The first area we visit is Hafjell where we will sample a range of trails accessed right from our mountain hotel. We will be skiing over mountain plateaus, gentle hills, forested areas, and past classic Norwegian farms, all with spectacular views of Norwegian winter scenery. Hafell’s trails connect to other extensive trail systems of the ski villages of Norseter and Sjusjoen 

 Next, we will hop a train and head further north into Peer Gynt ski territory, in the hills to the west of the valley.   We will stay in three different relaxing mountain hotels over a period of a week, and ski from one hotel to the next via the famous and remote Peer Gynt Trail.  Our luggage will be transferred via a hotel transport service.  

 As Norway has developed and perfected their ski trail systems over time, the trails are built as a network that connect to the next ski village over. This creates an extensive network in each area we visit, having over 372 miles (600 km) of trails from which to choose.   Our plan is to ski between 8-16 miles a day, weather dependent.  One of our skis days  requires a 16 mile ski to get to the next hotel. The ski trails in the valley are rated from easy to moderate with some steeper ascent and descents.  

Time of Year: 

Our adventure is in early to mid-March when the far north days are longer, the local spring break crowds have gone, and the temperatures have warmed up a few degrees, though it can still be quite cold.   


We will be staying in four different three-star classic Norwegian mountain hotels located right on the trails, as well as a modern hotel in downtown Oslo. Several of the lodges have either a sauna or a pool or both to dip in after skiing.  Participants will share ‘double occupancy‘ rooms.  Each mountain hotel has a hot waxing station for skiers to prep their skis for maximum glide on the trails.  


Enjoy traditional Norwegian cuisine at our hotels, where most of our meals are included. Experience the European style of hearty breads, local fish and meat, the famous Norwegian brown cheese, a variety of root vegetables, and perhaps even a hot waffle, a Norwegian specialty.   In most of the hotels, vegetarian dinner entrees can be available with advanced notice, but are not common otherwise.

Leader’s Experience: 

Co-leaders are Cindy Hoover and Cheri Solien.  Cindy has lead Mountaineer ski trips for over twenty years and has instructed for the Seattle Branch’s Nordic Ski Courses for a similar period.  This will be the 5th Global Adventure Cindy has led and the 2nd for Cheri.  Cheri is a member of the Mountaineers’ Tacoma Branch and is a XC Ski and Hike Leader.  She lived in Anchorage for many years where she skied throughout the long winter. 

Strenuous or Difficulty Rating:

N3 Intermediate Ski Level and Pace.  We will ski a variety of trails rated from easy, moderate and to more challenging. As we are keeping together as a group, it is important that we all ski at similar intermediate paces.  Note that participants need to have the fitness and endurance to confidently and safely ski 26km/16 miles on one of the days we ski to our next lodge.  Most day's ski mileage will be determined by weather and trail conditions, possible routes, and the groups' interests. 

Participant Requirements: 

Must be a current Mountaineers member, with an up-to-date waiver on file.  Participants will be asked to complete an application which describes their recent ski experience and fitness/endurance.  Though we will be on groomed trails, due to the possibility of white-outs, you must have the ability to navigate on trails with a map and compass.   Track skis (44-55 mm width) are required; metal edged skis are not appropriate for this trip.  NOTE: Your leaders make most of the arrangements and provide logistics support during the trip, but are NOT tour guides.  As a Mountaineers group we will operate as interdependent, capable skiers making our way together and helping one another be successful and safe.     COVID vaccination and booster will likely be required.

Trip Price Detail:   

$3,800 includes all lodging, most ground transportation and most meals.  Only breakfasts are included in Oslo.   Trip cost will be finalized late in 2022.

Additional expenses are estimated at around $2400, and include your airfare (approx. $1500), round trip transit from the Oslo airport to downtown ($40), travel and medevac insurance ($450-$550 including trip cancellation coverage), optional ground transportation ($42), 3 lunches and 3 dinners (approx. $325), not including any beverages or alcohol.  Norway is an expensive country, but is well worth it!  Note that the price may be adjusted prior to the final payment, if there are significant changes in the currency values. 

Registration Instructions: 

Leader approval is required, so prior to registering, please submit the application form which will then automatically be sent to the leaders.  After receiving leader’s approval, go to the trip listing and click the REGISTER button to pay the 50% deposit ($1900) and hold your space on the roster.  Registration will close on December 17, 2022, or whenever the roster fills.  The balance of the trip payment is due by January 6, 2023.

APPLICATION     TRIP AGREEMENT     Supplemental Information    RELEASE

Pandemic Issues:  Planning international travel during the pandemic is fraught with uncertainty.  For this reason, travel insurance (with COVID-19 and/or “cancel for any reason” coverage) is highly recommended.  Information on the costs of trip cancellation and travel insurance recommendations are available from the leaders. 

 Cancellation Policy:  If you cancel because of an emergency, you may receive a refund less expenses incurred and a $100 administrative fee.   If the trip is cancelled by the Mountaineers, your fees will be refunded with the exception of the $100 administrative fee.  The leaders plan to make a "go-no-go" decision prior to the final payment due date (January 6, 2023).


Cross-country Ski in Norway

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Track skis with a 45-55 cm width and no metal edges.  Typical day pack and gear for a full day of skiing.

After receiving your deposit, the leader will send out a series of letters or emails providing information to help participants succeed on the trip, including information on insurance options,  recommended and required gear, recommended maps and guidebooks.


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