COVID-19 Vaccine Verification Committee

COVID-19 Vaccine Verification Committee

This committee oversees the administration of the optional COVID-19 Vaccine badge.

Mountaineers leaders may assign the COVID-19 Vaccine badge following COVID-19 vaccine verification. Leaders assign the badge by enrolling members as students in the current COVID-19 Vaccine Verification course. This badge functions as a "student" badge, and will be awarded upon enrollment.

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Leaders who wish to receive the badge should have their vaccination verified by another leader.

To enroll students in the COVID-19 Vaccine Verification course, leaders must be on this committee as an "Admin". Please contact your activity committee chair to be added to the COVID-19 Vaccine Verification Committee roster.

If/when the definition of "fully vaccinated" changes, The Mountaineers will update our program guidance, expire all active COVID-19 Vaccine badges, close the current COVID-19 Vaccine Verification course, update the COVID-19 Vaccine badge page, and open a new course to verify vaccinations against the updated definition.