How to Register as a Volunteer for Youth Programs

How to Register as a Volunteer for Youth Programs

A guide to getting started as a Youth Volunteer

In order to provide a quality experience for both our volunteers and our youth participants, we require that regular youth volunteers become Qualified Youth Leaders.

For New youth Volunteers

For those who are not yet Qualified Youth Leaders but would like to help out with our programs, we welcome you to volunteer for one program and get a feel for what it's all about. To do this, email the activity leader or Sarah Machacek at  to let them know which program you'd like to help out with.  While membership is not required, we do need you to create a guest account so you can sign our waiver and so that we can register you.

For Qualified Youth Leaders

If you have a Qualified Youth Leader badge on your profile, you should be able to sign up right on our website!  When you select the activity you'd like to volunteer for, the registration section of the activity should look like the image to the right.  Please be sure the activity you're registering for is not a Course.  We ask volunteers to register for individual Field Trips or Trips.  You can find this information at the top of the listing.

If you do not see a REGISTER AS INSTRUCTOR   button, double check to make sure that you are looking at a Field Trip or Activity, and not a Course.  If you are looking at a Course, choose an activity listed under "course requirements" to sign up for.

If you are looking at a Field Trip or Trip and still do not see a Register as Instructor button, please email the leader by clicking on their name or Sarah Machacek at to let them know you'd like to sign up.

THANK YOU for your interest in volunteering with our youth programs!