Seattle Branch PCT Thru Hiker


Seattle Branch PCT Thru Hiker

A profile badge awarded for backpacking the entire length of the Pacific Crest Trail in a single season.

About The Award

A profile badge for backpacking the entire Pacific Crest Trail between Mexico and Canada in a single season.

How To Obtain

Backpack the entire Pacific Crest Trail between the Southern Terminus in Campo, California at he Mexican border to the Northern Terminus at Monument 78 on the Canadian border in a single trip.  

The trip can be done in either direction (NoBo or SoBo), and zero/nero days are permitted at town stops along the way, following any necessary reroutes due to possible trail closures. The trip can be either supported or unsupported.  The trip must be done in accordance with Leave No Trace and in accordance with the policies of all relevant local land management agencies, including the use of valid permits issued by the PCTA, proper food storage and acceptable resupply practices, etc.


Contact the Seattle Backpacking Committee chair. Include the dates of your trip, your start/finish trailhead, and the names of any other people in your party.