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Lecture: Wilderness Navigation

Wilderness Navigation - Online Course - Online Classroom

Online map and compass course for Wilderness Navigation

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Online classroom.

Online classroom.

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

  • Book
  • Computer
  • Maps
  • Compass

=== BOOK ====

Wilderness navigation, 3rd Edition  by Bob Burns and Mike Burns

===== COMPUTER =====

A computer, laptop, and/or tablet with quality screen, audio and video to be used for online activities. 

 ===== MAPS ======

USGS Baring map, Purchase from the USGS store or you may download  and print yourself.

This map is also available for download under our Course Materials tab. 

If you choose to order this map from USGS please keep in mind it takes time to ship and arrive.  We recommend you download the map either from either USGS or the course materials tab and then have it printed.  It is acceptable to print this map on Ledger size paper(11x17) for the course.  If you choose to print full size it is best to have it printed somewhere like Office Depot as a blueprint to minimize the cost.  Keep in mind the full-size map is around 22x27 inches. 

Field trip map, available in the course materials tab.  Can be printed on a standard sheet of paper.  This map is used for the online course as well as for the field trip.  



Your compass needs to be purchased before the first activity, online Map & Compass module. Unfortunately, you cannot share a map or compass with a friend or family member during the practical exercises. Some local stores might run out of the model you want so it's recommended you buy a compass well in advance. Only specific Mountaineers approved compasses will be accepted, so before purchasing a compass make sure to read our compass requirements. 

Mountaineers approved compass.

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