Wilderness First Aid (WFA) -  Tacoma - May 14 2022

First Aid Course

Wilderness First Aid (WFA)

Wilderness First Aid at Tacoma Program Center (Base Medical)

This Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certification course is delivered in a hybrid format, with an online component, a practical hands on training component, and a final assessment.
*** This course is intended for the 2022 Tacoma Basic Climbing Course students.  They will have priority until 01 April 2022, then all Mountaineers members are welcome to sign up.***
Part One: Online Learning (You will be sent a link about two weeks out from in person training, to log in and start up) Once you sign up, you can get started right away. All lectures are video-based and the course can be taken at your own pace as long as you finish by the deadline. Review as many times as necessary. 

Part Two: Hands On Practical Training (In Person, 14 May 2022, in Leavenworth, Wa)
The practical training focuses on the hands-on skills necessary to gain certification and is coordinated by a Base Medical Certified Instructor.

Part Three: Final Assessment
The Final Assessment is conducted online after the practical training and includes the final exam. The final exam must be passed with an 80% or higher. 
Note: Once course is paid there is no refund. Money is paid to Base Medical per person to gain access to online portion of learning.

If you have any questions about the course, please contact the course leader,  Scott Schissel

Badges you will earn:

Course Requirements

This course has no scheduled activities.

Required Equipment

This course is a mixture of inside and outside experiences. You may be asked to sit or lay on the ground as part of a practice scenario.  Additionally, stage make-up (moulage) is used to represent injuries.  Please wear comfortable clothing that can get dirty!  Below is a list of items recommended for this course:

Pen/Pencil and notepad

First Aid Kit

Gear and clothing appropriate for varying weather.

Gear and clothing appropriate the the activity you participate in with the Mountaineers.

Water bottle, snacks, lunch, coffee mug, etc.

Sit pad, outdoor chair, closed-cell foam pad. 

Course Materials

There are no materials for this course.