Intermediate Field Trip #2 Leading on Rock

Field trip: Intermediate Climbing

Intermediate Field Trip #2 Leading on Rock - Tieton River: Royal Columns

This field trip prepares students to perform competent rock lead on Class 5.4 rock or higher.

  • Crag Rock Climb
  • For Beginners (Getting Started Series)

Murrin Provincial Park @ 7 am

This is a two day trip that focuses on preparing the student to perform a competent rock lead on Class 5.4 rock or higher and then, if prepared, the student can perform a rock lead.  Generally, the first day concentrates on practicing the elements of lead rock climbing while the second day is dedicated to performing the actual rock lead or to continue to practice if the student is not prepared to perform a rock lead.

Material covered includes:

-using your gear and gear management

-placing protection of all types

-setting SRENE anchors

-lead and climb planning

Successful completion of this field trip is required before credit may be received for basic rock climb rope leads and participation in scheduled intermediate rock climbs.

Badges you will earn:


Tieton River: Royal Columns

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Harness, belay gloves, 2 double runners, 10 carabiners, 1 rope per 2 climbers, leader tie-off, 10 Es, hardware sling, car camp equipment, cordeletter/equaletter, basic rack (>10 pieces), helmet, 6 single runners, chock pick.

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