Basic Backpacking Course - Gear Practice Trip

Gear Practice Trip for the Seattle Basic Backpacking Course

This is the room reservation for the Seattle Basic Backpacking Course  Gear Practice trips that start at the Seattle Program Center and go to Magnuson Park.  

Students will be divided into small groups that will meet in Cascade at staggered start times ranging from 830am - 930am.  We expect each group to be of size 10 consisting of 8 students and 2 leader/instructors.  Each group will be in  Cascade for about 15 minutes before departing for Magnuson Park.  We expect the the maximum number of people present indoors at any one time to be around 15 people, plus room for their gear.

Seattle Program Center
7700 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115
Cascade A, Cascade B