Hiking Slideshow Extravaganza

A four-ring circus of hiking slideshows featuring Donna Hahn, Sandy Wood, Gary Rose, and Gary Paull.

Save the evening of Thursday, January 12 for a slideshow extravaganza at The Seattle Program Center from 7-10 pm in Cascade Auditorium.

Donna Hahn will take us to new heights, literally, as we explore the Wind River Range in Wyoming. We’ll start at the Big Sandy trailhead, elevation 9,130ft, and spend time in the area called Cirque of the Towers, elevation 10,000-12,000ft. The granite peaks and alpine lakes make this area a prime destination for climbing, backpacking, and fishing.

Sandy Wood (together with Doug Lockhart and Patti Taylor) will show slides of their backpack trip in the Glacier Peak Wilderness: five days of high altitude back country mountaineering in the North Cascades and a reprise of Sandy’s favorite backpack trip from 50 years ago!

Gary Rose has 50-year-old slides of canoe trips in arctic Canada in which he crossed parts of the continent with friends and Duke Watson. The men flew to a starting point on a river or lake, rented canoes from the Hudson Bay Company, paddled hundreds of miles, turned in the canoes, and flew home. Gary did this five times as he shared adventures with paddlers in arctic rivers and lakes.

Gary Paull will show a documentary of hiking trails he loves along Highway 20. He will present the landscape between Concrete and Washington Pass - covering 4 seasons, and generally from west to east. He will show a little geology with a combination of photos taken last week to some taken almost a half century ago! He will include some trails, but also views from the high peaks from Sauk Mountain to Jack, Black and others. Gary is a retired Baker-Snoqualmie Forest Service Trails Director.

The show will be hosted by Joan Burton and will be free. All hiking and climbing friends are welcome.

Seattle Program Center
7700 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115
Cascade A, Cascade B