Basic Refresher clinic: Rock skills

Basic Climbing Refresher Clinics offer Basic Graduates and second year Basic Climbing students the opportunity to review and practice rock and snow skills by participating in a series of clinics. Non-members and non-Basic Climbing grads are also welcome if they have the appropriate climbing skills.
  • Thu, May 16, 2024 from 06:00 PM to 09:00 PM
  • Seattle Climbing
  • Seattle
  • iCal

This  Seattle Basic Refresher Clinic - Alpine Rock Review-  covers the alpine rock climbing skills. 

Skills to be practiced:

  • Climbing knots review (figure 8, clove hitch, Munter, double fisherman, butterfly, water knot, bowline, flaking and coiling)

  • Belay review (PBUS and lead belay/catching a fall)

  • Belay tie off review (tie off and go hands free)

  • Rappel review (Extended rappel and alternate:3 carabiner brake )

Seattle Program Center
7700 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115
Basement: Friction Slabs, Basement: North Bay, Basement: Overhanging Wall, Basement: South Bay, Basement: Vertical Wall