Seattle Explorers Camping & Climbing Trip

Youth activity: Explorers

Seattle Explorers Camping & Climbing Trip - Leavenworth

[MOUNTAIN GOAT + PIKA PODS] Phase 3 trip for Explorers. A weekend trip of camping and climbing in Leavenworth! Free and open to the public.

  • Crag Rock Climb, *Varies*, Strenuous 3, Technical 2
  • For Beginners (Getting Started Series)
  • 2 (17 capacity)
  • 1 (5 capacity)
  • 1 (15 capacity)
  • Cancellation & Refund Policy
    • Saturday, May 15 at 9:30am: meet in Leavenworth
    • Return Sunday evening

    See trip sheet for details.

    Join us for a fun weekend of climbing and advancing your climbing skills! The Mountaineers will provide climbing gear! 


    • May 11, 3:45-6pm (Hannah)
    • May 12, 10am-12pm (Katy)


    • May 20, 3-6pm (Hannah)
    • May 21, 10am-1pm (Katy)

    Take a look at the trip sheet and work with your pod to figure out food and transportation logistics.

    Guests: Free and open to the public.



    • Green Trails Alpine Lakes East (Stuart Range) No. 208SX

      Alpine Lakes Wilderness (ALPS)

      Trails Illustrated Alpine Lakes Wilderness
    • See full route/place details.
    Required Equipment

    Required Equipment

    Clothes: Pack for potentially warm conditions during the day and chilly evenings

    • Clothes for climbing
      • Clothes for back at camp (slightly warmer because it’ll cool down in the evening)
    • Sun Protection: sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, sun shirt, etc.
    • Backpack: Day pack for carrying your personal items/group gear with you as we hike to the rock


    • Hiking Boots or Sneakers to wear on the hike to the rock
    • Camp Shoes (optional) 
    • Climbing Shoes (can be borrowed from The Mountaineers) 

    Camping items:

    • Personal mess kit including: plate/bowl, utensils, cup
    • Camp chair
    • Tent (can be borrowed from the Mountaineers with advance notice)
    • Sleeping bag/pad (can be borrowed from the Mountaineers with advance notice)
    • Pillow (we’re car camping; might as well be comfy!)
    • Toiletries (restrooms available at campsite)
    • Headlamp/flashlight with extra batteries

    Food for yourself/family (you are welcome to do shared meals within pods if you'd like, but make sure to follow COVID protocol when cooking/serving/eating): 

      • Breakfast: (x2; one of them is on the road to meeting everyone Saturday morning)
      • Lunch: (x2; be able to pack them in your backpack to eat at the rock)
      • Dinner: (x1)
      • Snacks: enough for both Saturday and Sunday
    • Water: 2 liters per person per day minimum 

    Climbing gear (can be borrowed from The Mountaineers; pick up sometime in the week before the trip):

      • Harness
      • Belay device
      • Helmet
    • 10 Essentials 
    • Face mask(s)
    • Hand Sanitizer
    Trip Reports