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Scrambling Course

Alpine Scrambling Equivalency

Already have experience scrambling mountains and want to join scramble trips with the Mountaineers? Equivalency is the process of demonstrating your skills to make sure you are ready to join our scramble trips safely and competently.

If you already have the skills to scramble safely, then you don't need to take our Scramble Course – you can skip the course through our “equivalency” process. We love having people join our community who have gained the requisite skills through other local or even distant organizations. We have well-qualified members that scrambled or climbed in the Rockies, New England and internationally. But because of the inherent personal risks of scrambling and the danger to all party members from having an inadequately trained member along on a trip, we have a rigorous process for obtaining equivalency.  If this sounds like the route for you, please contact our Equivalency Coordinator Louise Suhr at 


  • Prospective candidates seeking equivalency will contact the scramble equivalency coordinator and provide a scrambling resume, describing minimum of five unguided off-trail non-technical non-roped summits, illustrating skills in both snow travel with ice axe as well as experience on non-technical rock.  Coordinator will review the resume and, if approved, offer applicant a spot in the equivalency program. 

    The next step is, after completing the Wilderness Navigation course, to complete the skills days.  These have 2 parts.  
    First is a short (max two hours) meeting at the Program Center that will be scheduled sometime in April or May.  There, we will review details of the scramble program in general, details on ice axe use, and the protected downclimb process.  Second is a full day activity in the Teanaway, scrambling a peak and practicing/ demonstrating skills.  Skills include: safe snow travel skills, ice axe arrest in all positions, self-belay and glissade, as well as rock scrambling skills and off-trail navigation skills.  This Teanaway skills day will be scheduled in conjunction with the general scramble course"s Experience Field Trip and will happen Saturday June 1 or Sunday June 2.  

  • After successful completion of the skills days, the prospective applicant will be granted a scramble student badge, which allows them to go on regular season scrambles. Just like any scramble student, they will then have until Nov 1 of the following year to successfully complete three scrambles (at least one of which is rock and one of which is snow). 


  • Complete the Wilderness Navigation course that includes GPS by June 1.  This is a separate course with its own fees and scheduling. 
  • Complete the Wilderness First Aid courseThis is a separate course with its own fees and scheduling, however with no explicit timeline. 
  • Complete the online Low Impact Recreation quiz.
  • Complete a full day Stewardship event.  The Mountaineers is a volunteer organization and we strive to create a community that gives back to our shared world.


  • $75, includes protected downclimb kit, will be provided at skills eval day


  • Equivalency Student Registration Opens: Dec 3
  • Cancellation: Refund less $10 before April 15
    • No Refund after April 15


Badges you will earn:

Course Requirements

This course has no scheduled activities.

Required Equipment


Mountaineering boots

Ice axe


Backpack 30+ liters

10 essentials

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