Adventure Speaker Series: Donna Kreuger - Solo Alaska

Adventure Speaker Series: Donna Kreuger - Solo Alaska

Donna Kreuger, retired in January 2022 and in June left from Olympia on an 11,500-mile solo trip camping and exploring western Canada and Alaska. Her trip took her through the Canadian Rockies, on the Stewart-Cassiar Highway north up to the Dempster Highway through the Yukon and Northern Territories to the Arctic Ocean. From there, she crossed the Yukon River to connect to the Top of World Highway, entering Alaska through the northernmost land border crossing. Her travels included the Wrangell St. Elias National Park, Valdez, glacier kayak tours, the Kenai Peninsula and Lake Clark National Park for coastal brown bear tours, the Dalton Highway to Deadhorse (Ice Road Truckers road) and Denali National Park before returning home on the Alcan Highway.
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Donna Kreuger joined the Mountaineers because, while she grew up in remote Alaska, she wanted to safely explore the Washington mountains and trails.  Her first Mountaineers experience was taking the Wilderness Skills course to gain a basic toolkit for her planned adventures.  That experience, and the volunteerism exhibited by the instructors inspired her to become a hike leader and to volunteer.  

Donna graduated the Alpine Scramble course, was a regular volunteer with the Wilderness Skills and snowshoe courses, continues to support the Navigation course and Adventure Speaker Series.  In 2015, she established the Olympia Branch Conditioning Hiking Series course, and administered the course through 2021.  She has also acted as Co-Chair of the Hiking and Backpacking Committee from 2015-2021 and has stepped back into that roll in January 2023. Her focus in the club has been to welcome new members through training and beginning hiking, backpacking, and snowshoe trips and to assist and develop new leaders within the hiking group.   

Donna’s favorite saying is “I’m just a chubby little grandma and if I can do it, anyone can." This attitude has carried her through the Scramble course, many hikes each year, regular achievement of 100,000 vertical gain in a calendar year, long distance day hikes such as the 22-mile Seven Lakes Basin, High Divide and 28-mile Enchanted Valley.  She is also section hiking the Washington PCT trail.

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