Adventure Speaker Series: Nigel Foster - Iceland by Kayak

Adventure Speaker Series: Nigel Foster - Iceland by Kayak

In 1977, Nigel Foster and Geoff Hunter set off on a shoestring adventure to explore a country of just 222,000 people. Hear the story of the First Circumnavigation of Iceland by Kayak, and how such an expedition came about in those days before dry suits, cellphones, hand-held waterproof VHF radios, GPS, or the World Wide Web. That’s before the home computer, and twenty years before Google came onto the scene. Anyone for curried seagull?
13 ( 90 capacity)

Nigel Foster is an English kayaker living in Seattle. He makes his living designing kayaks and equipment, writing, and from kayak instruction around the world. He has published more than a dozen books, the latest being Iceland by Kayak. Check him out on Wikipedia.

Nigel’s presentation expands on some of the stories he tells in his newly released, 2023 book, Iceland by Kayak

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