Navigation Activity (4 of 4) - Field Trip: Students & Instructors - Raging River State Forest

Field trip: Wilderness Navigation Course

Navigation Activity (4 of 4) - Field Trip: Students & Instructors - Raging River State Forest

The fourth of four activities required to complete the Foothills Wilderness Navigation course.

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Leader will send email with details.

Prior to attendance, All three prior Wilderness Navigation course activities must all completed.

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Sign-up for the "Wilderness Navigation Course - Foothills" (click the link to the right). Then go to the course webpage and click the blue "Manage Registration" button on the right side of that page.

This is a full day event at the Raging River site near the intersection I-90 and SR-18.

Important Note:
The field trip is held on land behind locked gates. There is no way to arrive late. There is no way to leave early unless one of the leaders, a few of which have gate keys, abandons their other students and drives with you back to the entrance. Serious emergencies only!


You'll need to be in reasonable physical condition since you'll be gaining about 800 ft of elevation and hiking 2.8 miles (one mile of that is off trail).

Bring the Required Equipment. Come prepared as you would for a scramble or hike in varied weather, but please leave the technical gear (helmet, ice axe, etc) at home. Bring over-the-ankle hiking boots, a waterproof outer layer, warm clothes in layers, the 10 essentials, lunch, etc.

When hiking off-trail, it is safest if you wear some sort of glasses to protect your eyes from getting poked by tree branches.

Maps will be provided at the trail head.

Bring your compass. Double check that declination is 15 degrees.

Bring your phone with Gaia GPS installed.
TIP: When it is raining, you can protect your phone by putting it in a zip-lock bag. When it is very cold outside, you can manipulate the phone with gloves (and even ski mittens) using a "Phone Stylus" . Under 10 dollars on Amazon.

Bring a pen and pencil.

Additional information and possible requirements will be provided several days before the field trip.


Raging River State Forest

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

See main information tab on this page as well as the main page for the whole course for required materials.
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