Instructor Training - Wilderness Navigation Field Trip

Lecture: Wilderness Navigation Course

Instructor Training - Wilderness Navigation Field Trip - Online Classroom

This training will familiarize instructors with Field Trip training objectives, organization, individual roles and responsibilities, timeline and exercises. INSTRUCTORS ONLY PLEASE

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Leader will send email with details.

Who: Any Field Trip instructor or assistant instructor. 

What: A two hour interactive online training for individuals instructing at one of the Foothills Wilderness Navigation Field Trips. This is not navigation training. This training is focuses on the Field Trip structure, goals and objectives and flow. At the end of this training you will understand what you'll be doing, when you'll will be doing it and where where you can get more information, albeit documentation or an individual.

NOTE: This is an alternative to the on-sight walk-through.  You don't need to attend both.

Registration: Participants must register as an "instructor". No slots have been allocated to students. Registering as an instructor ensures that your volunteer time gets recorded.  

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

  • Internet access
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