Classroom Session

Lecture: Introduction to Trail Running: Backcountry

Classroom Session - Cougar Mountain: Harvey Manning Trailhead

Outdoor classroom session meet and greet, gear demo night.

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Time: 6:00pm
Place: Harvey Manning Trailhead
Link to parking here:

Meet at 5:50pm just past the main parking area near the big grass field, ready to go by 6:00pm.
Approximate length of session: 2 hrs. (6:30pm to 8:30pm)

No parking pass is required to park here. 

There is an outhouse at this trailhead.

A classroom session that will cover topics such as the skills, gear, and resources needed to plan wilderness trail running routes and safely run on more remote backcountry trails.  This course is ideal for outdoor recreation enthusiasts who wish to discover trail running and runners who wish to take their trail running to the next level.


Cougar Mountain: Harvey Manning Trailhead

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

None, but  this being an outdoor session in a big grassy field feel free to bring a lawn chair or sitting pad, snack and/or beverage.
Insect repellant highly recommended if you're prone to bug bites.
Keep an eye on the weather forecast and base your clothing from that. Let's hope for sunny and warm. :-)

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