In Memory of Mark Bullis

In Memory of Mark Bullis

Gifts in memory of Mark Bullis will support The Mountaineers commitment to create safe and welcoming spaces for all people to learn and grow through their experiences in the outdoors.

Thank you for considering a gift in honor of Mark Bullis, builder and nature-lover who died on Friday, February 18, 2022 in Bend, Oregon.

From a young age Mark sought adventure and made mischief with his many friends.  There was much he loved about the Pacific Northwest – the outdoor culture, the mountains and trees, the water, the arts community,  and perhaps most of all: coffee. He became an active participant in the Fremont Arts Council, learned how to scale mountains, and kayaked in the Puget Sound. He also enjoyed spending time with his kids at the beach as well as skiing and snowboarding with them on the mountains. 

Mark lived vivaciously. He brought his whole self to his relationships and had countless dear friends. When he hugged you, you felt like you were the only person who mattered to him. When Mark laughed, he laughed all the way from his toes. When he sang, the rich, warm tone of his voice could melt your heart. He was a sucker for people with a good sense of humor and from a young age loved making people laugh. He never did fess up to his parents about all those goofy faces he made behind their backs to his sisters.

There will be a celebration of Mark’s life in the summer, time and location TBD.  To read Mark’s full obituary and share your favorite memory, please visit the online guest book at

Feel free to leave a note with your gift, and we will make sure it is delivered to the family. 

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