Naturalist Courses

Naturalist Courses

Learn about the plants, animals, sea life and geology of the Northwest, help establish a native plant garden, or become a leader and teach others.


Introduction to the Natural World

This course is designed for hikers, climbers, photographers, scramblers and conservationists who want to learn more about the mountains they enjoy. You will learn the basics of how to identify flowers, shrubs, trees, birds, mammals, butterflies and other forms of life. This course features four lectures and four field trips to exceptional areas for learning about and viewing nature in the Pacific Northwest.

Emphasis is on sharing our passion for learning about the ecosystems we hike, bike or climb through and providing enough instruction to get students started on their own exploration of these ecosystems by honing skills in plant and animal identification as well as learning about how these biota are connected. 


In the spring by the Seattle branch, registration generally opens in February with course beginning in April.

Badges you can earn

This badge represents successful completion of the Introduction to the Natural World course.



Naturalist Study Group

group of individuals with passion for the natural world and a desire to learn more about it. The group offers continuing education in the natural history of the Cascades and Olympics to those who already have a fundamental naturalist knowledge.


This group sponsors almost-monthly lectures usually at the Seattle Program Center. Lectures are open to the public and are free for members of the study group.


This badge represents participation in our Naturalists Study Group.



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