Bikepacking Courses

Bikepacking Courses

Enjoy the excitement of biking and the solitude of backcountry camping. Bikepacking offers a new thrilling way to explore wild places. With all of your gear packed strategically on your bike, you’ll cover more ground than you would backpacking, camp under the stars, and gain the skills for navigating a new type of adventure.


Course Overview2.jpgThis course provides a solid foundation in Bikepacking. Topics covered are personal clothing, personal and group gear, loading and carrying gear, trip planning and preparation, camp setup and bike field maintenance.
Building on your existing backpacking experience, bikepacking will test your minimalist camping skills with your ability to navigate single-track terrain.
The Bikepacking Course consists of three lectures and one practical evolution.

Typically Offered

This course is currently offered by the Tacoma Branch in October.

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Bikepacking Course

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