Scheduling & Managing Courses, Events, Activities, and More

Learn about our activities, courses, clinics, seminars, events, and lodge stays. This how-to covers definitions, scheduling, and management tips.

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What defines an activity?

  • A standard trip where we explore the Pacific Northwest by foot, kayak, snowshoe, or ski.
  • Participants might learn something, but there is no direct educational component.
  • Registration and signed waiver are required.
  • Rosters must be updated and the activity closed when complete.
  • All trips are in the Find Activities search.
  • Activities for which you are registered (participant or leader) are listed on your profile's My Activities page.

If you're a leader and you already know what to do... Schedule an Activity

If you are new to scheduling and managing activities, our video tutorialsfrequently asked questions, and blog about activity listings may help. For more information, visit:

How to Schedule & Manage Activities

Routes & Places

We use Routes & Places as the starting point for adding activities. This includes our trips, clinics, seminars, and course lectures & field trips.

Found a route/place that needs to be updated or could be improved? Have new images or resources to add to an existing route/place? Please complete the Route/Place Updates, Images & Resources form.

Need a new one? Review How to Request New or Updated Routes & Places to learn all about Routes & Places and how to add one.


Clinics & Seminars

What defines clinics and seminars?

  • A one-time skill-based activity, like learning how to roll a kayak or refreshing steep snow climbing skills. This differs from courses where you learn a variety of skills over a longer period of time. 
  • They are connected to a route/place to prevent conflicts at that location.
  • Registration and signed waiver are required.
  • Rosters must be updated and the activity closed when complete.
  • All clinics and seminars are in the Find Activities and Find Courses, Clinics & Seminars searches.
  • Clinics and seminars for which you are registered (as both a participant or leader) are listed on your profile's My Activities page.

Has your committee sponsored a certain clinic before, and would like to sponsor it again? If so, you can reuse the template. To do this, go to the route/place where you would like your next clinic or seminar to be held, select "seminar or clinic", and choose your committee. On the next page, all templates created by your committee will be shown. 

Schedule a Clinic or Seminar 

Is it a new clinic or seminar, or do you have additional questions and need more help? If so, please visit:

How to Schedule & Manage Clinics & Seminars

COURSES with lectures & field trips

What defines a course?

  • Multi-day, multi-part, skill-based education.
  • Includes more than one course-related activity like lectures, workshops, field trips, and practice sessions. If your course is only one day, it should be listed as a clinic or seminar!
  • Registration and signed waiver are required.
  • Ability to manage students, graduates, equivalency candidates, and equivalents.
  • All courses are in the Find Course, Clinics & Seminars search.
  • Courses and their activities, clinics, and seminars for which you are registered (for all students, graduates, leaders, or instructors) are listed on your profile's My Courses page.

Because courses have multiple components, they are a bit more complicated to set up than any other types of programs we schedule. To learn about scheduling  a course, visit:

How to Schedule & Manage Courses with Lectures & Field Trips

Just need to schedule a course-related activity? If it's a lecture or field trip that has been listed previously with the course, go to the desired route/place and choose the "Course lecture or field trip" button:

Schedule a Course-related Activity


What defines an event?

      • Generally in-town, inside, and sit-down, with a focus on meeting others, discussing topics, or watching programmed content.
      • Meetings, film festivals, and most seminars.
      • Events have RSVP capabilities and a roster you can download 
      • Are NOT set up to process money. We use Eventbrite for ticket sales if your event has a fee. Contact Garrett Arnold for more information. 
      • Events are added to a program center or branch calendar.
      • Find events on our  Upcoming Events page.
      • You can download events to post to your own personal calendar (iCal and vCal formats).
      • Events for which you RSVP (as a participant or event contact) are listed on your profile's My Activities page.

Want to schedule an event? Go to the calendar page where you want your event to show,  click "Add New..." in the yellow admin bar, and select 'Event'. Below are our branch calendars: 

For more detailed instructions on reserving rooms at one of our program centers and adding events to branch calendars, visit:

How to schedule & Manage events

Lodge Stays

How do lodge stays work?

  • A lodge stay is an overnight stay at one of our three lodges: Baker Lodge, Meany Lodge, and Stevens Lodge
  • They have a fee structure for members and non-members,  and adult and youth.
  • No waiver is required.
  • You may add as many guests to your reservation as desired, regardless of whether the guests have accounts on our website.
  • External groups and internal groups for our courses, clinics, and seminars are welcomed by our lodges. Visit our lodge pages (links above) for more information about booking your group's stay.

If you are a lodge administrator and want to learn more tips and tricks about scheduling and managing lodge stays, visit:

How to Schedule & Manage Lodge Stays