Your Input Needed: Feedback on Strategic Plan Priorities

We invite you to provide feedback on The Mountaineers Strategic Plan through a survey, which follows our nine community focus sessions. Your survey feedback will help further focus on The Mountaineers strategic priorities and help us understand how the community will support turning these goals into reality.
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October 27, 2022
Your Input Needed: Feedback on Strategic Plan Priorities
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With Vision 2022we developed a plan through high engagement from our community. Based on community feedback and support, Vision 2022 provided an important foundation for us as leaders in innovative outdoor education striving to engage future generations in advocacy, adventure, education, volunteerism, and community. We hope to build on that foundation as we look ahead to our  next strategic plan.

As Vision 2022 comes to a close, our staff, board, and volunteer leadership have been working on an updated 10-year plan to serve as our guiding light in the years ahead. In the last five weeks, we hosted nine strategic planning focus sessions to hear critical feedback on the drafted priorities and goals of the plan. We know that, like with Vision 2022, success of this plan relies on how well we integrate the thoughts and ideas from our members, volunteers, donors, and community partners. 

Our focus sessions helped us refine the proposed priorities and objectives, and to support the final stage of development, we want to hear which areas of the plan you are most excited about and what you would consider supporting. Your involvement will be a key success factor in our ability to guide an effective implementation plan. 

We welcome your feedback, whether or not you attended a focus session. If you already have some familiarity with the strategic vision and priorities, please begin the survey. For more information, continue reading below. The survey will be available until 7am on Friday, November 4.

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Strategic Priorities & Goals 

At our Annual Meeting on September 13, we introduced the different three strategic priorities and nine corresponding goals for our forward-looking strategic plan. And we invited the community to join us as a focus session in order to go deeper on the areas of the most interest. During these sessions we sought feedback on the strategic goals listed below. We asked what was most exciting  about the plan and invited discussion on what attendees thought it would take to translate each goal into action and make a meaningful difference for our outdoor community. We invite you to review these priorities and provide feedback in our survey.

1. Lead Innovation in Outdoor Education

Anyone inspired to learn outdoor skills has that opportunity with The Mountaineers. In response to unprecedented interest from the greater community to learn outdoor skills, we will invest in the three most critical resources required to meet this need: volunteers, space, and expert resources.


As an organization reliant on a community of outdoor enthusiasts and philanthropists, we must grow the number of people who feel connected through our classes, programs, books, and other resources. By investing in opportunities that help everyone feel belonging and find inspiration, we will ensure the future of our organization and our planet.


The Mountaineers has always been a fierce defender of the natural world, and our community makes a meaningful impact in protecting our planet and the outdoor experience. In response to intensifying climate change and increasing recreational use of public lands, we must strengthen our capacity to help protect the outdoors for future generations.

Additional context

The Mountaineers Virtual Annual Meeting covered high level information about the Strategic Plan and was used to help set-up the focus sessions. Please review this 9-minute recorded overview of our strategic plan from the Annual Meeting prior providing survey feedback for additional context. 

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Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. The survey will be available until 7am on Friday, November 4.

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