We Advocate Better Together: Donors Support Conservation Advocacy

Mountaineers don’t just spend time in nature, we take action to protect that experience for future generations. Donations help to empower more advocates and fund collaboration toward creative solutions. We need to raise $200K by the end of this month, and first-time donors will have their gift matched for twice the impact!
Betsy Robblee Betsy Robblee
Director of Conservation & Advocacy
December 17, 2023
We Advocate Better Together: Donors Support Conservation Advocacy
Photo by Matt Hyde.

When I first came to The Mountaineers, I was excited to be part of a community that values conservation the way I do. Mountaineers don’t just love being outside, we love the outdoors itself. We want to share the natural world with others and take action to protect the outdoor experience for future generations. 

While we each do our part to mitigate our personal impact on our lands, waters, and climate, many of the most impactful decisions are made through policy. When we advocate together, we can better conserve our natural world and protect the outdoor experience. Donations help to empower more advocates and fund the deep, collaborative work necessary to create lasting change. 

Donate to protect the outdoor experience

Empower more advocates:

Our conservation values must be communicated to decision-makers through wide-spread advocacy. Those of us who care about the places we love feel a responsibility to make our voices heard. The Mountaineers donor-funded Conservation & Advocacy program has an outsized impact, and donations from members like you make this possible.

  • As a convening member of Outdoor Alliance Washington, The Mountaineers plays a leading role in educating and activating 75,000 recreationists around national and regional policy issues. 
  • As a nonprofit publisher, the images and narratives in our conservation titles have demonstrated power to inspire activists and influence policymakers to protect the places we love. 
  • As a leader in outdoor education, we build on a legacy of volunteer-led education to help Mountaineers members adventure with purpose. We are excited about our next step: a donor-funded Advocacy 101 course set to launch in early 2024.

Donate to equip advocates

Create lasting change:

Issues around recreation access, conservation, and climate resilience are complex. Creative solutions to today’s challenges are possible through deep work and relationships. 

  • Your donations ensure that our community has a seat at the table in shaping positive outcomes for conservation and recreation. The values, experiences, and wisdom of 16,000 Mountaineers are important at every level, from operations at local parks to national climate policy. 
  • Your donations build relationships with land managers and government agencies. I am especially excited about our new Associate Manager of Policy & Planning, who will address permitting challenges in support of our volunteer-led outdoor education in 2024 and beyond.

Donate to support creative solutions

Like most good things, this work takes time. And like most good adventures, there are no shortcuts. 

As I look toward our immediate future, I am encouraged by the example of the SOAR Act: federal legislation to improve the recreational permitting process. For years we have helped to shape and support this piece of legislation which represents all of our core values: adventure, advocacy, community, education, and volunteerism. We’re closer to passing this bill than ever before. It remains to be seen if we can get the SOAR Act over the finish line, but seeing its current progress – and bipartisan support – feels like a beacon of hope for all of our conservation priorities.

Your donation to The Mountaineers invests in a future where everyone can experience the transformative power of nature. Will you make a donation to The Mountaineers to protect the outdoor experience and conserve the places we love?


Double your donation

Two long-time Mountaineers members and volunteers have offered to match first-time donations up to $12,000! If you haven’t made a donation to The Mountaineers in the last 5 years, your gift today will be matched dollar-for-dollar and have twice the impact.

Alpine Lakes Wilderness and The Enchantments-259.jpgThe Alpine Lakes Wilderness is one example of how Mountaineers advocacy and publishing protect the places we love. Photo by Nate Derrick.

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