Watch The Mountaineers Annual Meeting from Sep 13, 2022

Every September, we host an annual meeting for our members in accordance with our bylaws. Nearly 100 people joined us virtually on September 13 to hear about how The Mountaineers is doing, learn about our strategic planning process, and have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in the at-large director nominations process. Watch the recording now.
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September 15, 2022
Watch The Mountaineers Annual Meeting from Sep 13, 2022
Photo by Mountaineers Staff.

Updated September 15, 2022 to include meeting recording.

Each year, we host an annual meeting for our members to share a retroactive tour of our last fiscal year. Members are invited to join virtually to hear about how The Mountaineers is doing, learn more about our strategic planning process and upcoming focus sessions, have the opportunity to ask questions of our leaders. Per our bylaws, the Annual Meeting also allows Mountaineers members to make At-Large Director nominations from the floor for the 2022 election season. Here's the recording from September 13, 2022.

Agenda & Recording

Our agenda will focus on the current state of operations at The Mountaineers, and will include time to hear nominations from the floor to join our board of directors. Volunteers attending this event to learn more about the groundwork for our strategic plan may request volunteer hours for giving their time to support the development of the strategic plan. All are welcome to join!

        • Welcome & introductions
          • 2022 Highlights
          • Strategic Planning Process Review
          • Proposed bylaws amendments
        • At-large Board nominees by Board and Governance Committee
        • Call for floor nominations
        • Q&A


As a follow up to our Annual Meeting, we will be hosting nine strategic plan focus sessions beginning September 19, 2022. Involvement from our community will  be a key success factor in our ability to guide an effective implementation plan. 

We want to hear which areas of the plan you are most excited about, would potentially consider supporting and think we should prioritize.  During these sessions we will seek feedback on the goals, ask what most excites you about the plan, and invite discussion on what you think it will take to translate each goal into action and make a meaningful difference for our outdoor community. Please join us!

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More about Board & Branch Elections

Each year our members are asked to participate in board elections. Learn about the 2022 Board of Director candidates and proposed bylaw updates, our branch elections for Everett Foothills, and Tacoma, and how to vote. Members in good standing will receive a personalized link to vote September 30 or October 1, 2022.

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Main image by Mountaineers staff.

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