Top 10 Trip Reports - September 2023

Each month, we sort through all your trip reports. Then, we pick our favorites and celebrate them here! Read on for our favorites from September 2023.
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October 01, 2023
Top 10 Trip Reports - September 2023
Photo by Sherrie Trecker.

This collection of trip reports is warm, fuzzy, and reminds us to munch our last marshmallow and squeeze in our last skinny dip before the weather turns lovely for ducks. So read on, dear friends, for a rodent's sleepover, what constitutes a handsome view, why we play with spice, and the ridiculous but necessary 2lb Rice Krispy Treat.


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“I woke up in the morning to my tissues all ripped up and rodent poop on my dash.”  -Isley Gao

Unsure what's more of a hoot: a fixed rope creek crossing or an (unwarranted) slumber party with rodents. Lucky for you, you don't have to choose. Follow this trip report for an ice climb to exhaustion at the big, and the bad Mt. Baker. 

Alpine climb - yellowjacket tower/east flank - 9/3

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A fun climb in a remote setting.” -Sujay Kawale 

Here’s my general rule of thumb: if there’s a 2lb Rice Krispy Treat taking the trip, I won’t be too far behind. Read this trip report for a sweet and seamless climb of Yellowjacket Tower.

sea kayak - maury island circumnavigation - 9/5

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“We could easily see... at least 20' down and with the sun refracting through the ripples, it looked clear as a swimming pool at times.” -Will Greenough

Not every trip can be perfect. Luckily for this crew, this one was pretty darn close. Stay tuned for the gentle current and unusually clear water that made for a great paddle around Maury Island.

Alpine climb - mount stuart - 9/9

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“We were fortunate that no one was injured, and our rope and anchor remained intact.” -Ben Chapman 

There’s not much else we can do but wonder what it would be like for a microwave to fall from the sky. Read this trip report for a mighty close call and the official coining of the term “butt scooch slab.”

backcountry trail run - three fingered jack/south ridge - 9/16

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“Challenging but fun.” -Gabrielle Orsi 

If you’ve been on a hike in the dog days of summer, you know what’s in your tissue the next morning: dirty boogies. Come trail run with the brave souls that fought heat, dust, and smoke for 22 miles around Three Fingered Jack. 

alpine scramble - mcneeley peak - 9/16

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“We left the crowds behind.” -Sherrie Trecker

Come tip toe through fragile meadows and gawk at pink glaciers with the group that summited McNeeley Peak all before 9am. It’s a terribly pleasant read you won’t want to miss.

alpine scramble - snoqualmie mountain - 9/17

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“As it turns out, the blind corner is a paper tiger.” -Krzysztof Ostrowski

Follow this crew's trip report as they play with spice and muse about forming glaciers at Snoqualmie Mountain. Turns out handsome views are found at the intersection of low risk and high consequence.  

Urban Walk & Geocaching - Coal Creek Natural Area - 9/20

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"We knew the geocache had been found by the laughter and cheer that went up from the group." -Roseanne Lorenzana

You might be scratching your head right now trying to figure out what geocaching is... Allow me to explain. Geocaching is  a real life treasure hunt that requires navigation skills, a GPS receiver, and (as this group had) a happy little team to enjoy it with. There are over three million geocaches hidden around the world, so you really have no excuse but to go sleuth around yourself.

Day Hike - Frog Mountain - 9/22

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"The newest trail in the newest wilderness area in Washington state" -Roseanne Lorenzana

Read this trip report for the ruby hues and autumn air that made for an ideal day hike at Frog Mountain.

Speaking of frogs, a little trailhead humor for you:

Why did the frog get a northwest forest pass? 

Because he was afraid of getting toad. 

Ice Climb - Observation Rock/North Face - 9/23

T10TR Image 12.jpeg

"Did the final climb to the summit of Observation Rock in gusty winds to 30-45 mph and a pretty good snow storm to make us feel as if we had done some ice climbing." -Jerry Logan 

A snow storm and high winds during an ice climb? Strangely, a friend. Being minutes late to the pizza joint for a warm slice? Truly, a foe. Read this trip report for your first, unseasonable taste of winter at Observation Rock. 

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