Top 10 Trip Reports - March 2024

Each month, we sort through all your trip reports. Then, we pick our favorites and celebrate them here! Read on for our favorites from March 2024.
Bayley Stejer Bayley Stejer
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April 01, 2024
Top 10 Trip Reports - March 2024
Image by Colin Chapman.

It's officially spring, and as such, it feels fitting to share this perfectly packaged collection of trip reports wrapped in sunshine and reminiscent of the good old days. Read on, dear friends, for our tried and true bestie, the occasional need to crawl, skiing hot pow, and this thing we call snow. 

Winter Scramble - South Green Mountain - 3/2

MarTR Lead 1.jpeg"How hard could it be? That question was answered quite unequivocally by mother nature." -Dave Morgan

Props to this crew for powering through the Rhododendrons and bushwhacking their way to the top. If I had a "Champions of South Green Mountain" trophy, I'd place it happily in their possession. 

Basic Snowshoe - Lake Kachess & Box Canyon Creek - 3/2

MarTR 2.jpeg"This is a pretty route with lake views to a waterfall viewpoint and not very challenging." -Roseanne Lorenzana

Highlights from this trip report include water in various forms i.e. a creek, a lake, a waterfall, and plenty of frozen precipitation we like to call snow. Read on for a fairly simple snowshoe to Lake Kachess with a few unexpected twists. 

Day Hike - Tiger Mountain Trail - 3/6

MarTR 3.jpeg"'I'm feeling muscles in my arms that I didn't think were part of this conditioning routine.'" -Roseanne Lorenzana

A day hike featuring photogenic rocks, a slip-n-slide, the occasional need to crawl, and a picture of my personal favorite type of fungus. 

Winter overnight - Mazama Ridge - 3/15

MarTR Lead 3.png"Three days and two nights of winter camping on Mazama Ridge, with glorious spring-like weather and a day trip to explore the area around Paradise." -Colin Chapman 

Three uninterrupted days on Mazama Ridge aka what spring dreams are made of. 

Winter Scramble - Oakes Peak - 3/16

MarTR 6.jpeg"Perfect weather, no wind, solitude, stunning views, and great company." -Rodica Manole

I don't need to tell you this trip was a success... The photos do that all on their own. Read on for an overnight winter scramble to Oakes Peak that was more strenuous and rewarding than originally expected. 

Basic Snowshoe - Mazama Ridge - 3/16

MarTR 4.jpeg"Once breaking through the final tree band to reach the Ridge, we all basked in wide open views between Rainier and the Tatoosh Range." -Louise Suhr

This trip report has everything you need in a basic snowshoe: a fun team, sun, snow, snack breaks, and wide open views of our tried and true bestie, Mount Rainier. 

Backcountry Ski/Snowboard - Camp Muir & Anvil Rock - 3/16

MarTR 2 II.jpeg"Fun day in the sunshine skinning up to Camp Muir." -Michael Nanney

Read on for a heart-pounding, wind-hammered, and moderately mushy day of skiing hot pow at Camp Muir

Rock Climb - Castle Rock - 3/16

MarTR 8.jpeg"Teeny bits of snow but nearly all melted and gone." -Isley Gao

In case spring conditions aren't quite cutting it... Tune in for a rock climb of Castle Rock that will make you itch with a fragrant yet faint taste of summer.

Sea Kayak - Whidbey Island to Port Townsend - 3/18

MarTR 10.jpeg"Mountain views aplenty!" -Dave Brown

More spring dreams coming true, this time from the seat of a kayak. Read on for a properly pleasant sea kayak from Whidbey to Port Townsend.

Urban Walk - Discovery Park - 3/19

MarTR 7.jpeg"Fresh green popping up left and right!" -Bianca Szyperski

Words used to describe this urban walk include wonderful, majestic, enchanting, and golden. After reading, I'd have to (totally) agree. Stick around for the mosses, ferns, bluffs, and breezes of an urban adventure at Discovery Park. 

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