Top 10 Trip Reports - January 2023

Each month, we sort through all your trip reports. Then, we pick our favorites and celebrate them here! Read on for our favorites from January 2023.
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February 02, 2023
Top 10 Trip Reports - January 2023
Descending Roaring Ridge. Photo by Susan Shih.

Happy January Mountaineers!  As we ring in the new year with some of our favorite trip reports from last month, we hope you feel inspired to reflect on your past success as you forge ahead into a year full of adventure and personal growth.

This month we are  highlighting trip reports that "beat" the "winter blues" amidst the dark and dreary winter. Read on for our favorite January reports of smiles, snow, and the occasional blue sky.  

Winter Scramble - Aurora Peak, Jan 1


“With the sun completely obscured by rime coated trees the summit was a walk-in freezer!” - Dave Morgan 

 To kick things off, we have selected this winter scramble of Aurora Peak. This wintery scramble promises angelic views for as far as the eye can see!

Sea Kayak - Columbia River: Skamokawa to Pillar Point, Jan 10


“This rarely paddled trip is a gem that I highly recommend.” - Will Greenough

Beavers, eagles, and sea lions galore! This rarely paddled sea kayak is a gem that boasts an almost-unspoiled and dramatic shoreline with lots of wildlife!.

Backcountry Ski/Snowboard - Artist Point, Jan 14


“Everyone appreciated getting up close and personal with the snowpack, and we felt much more informed in our decision-making going forward.” - Juliane Gust

A great learning trip with an enthusiastic crew, this backcountry ski/snowboard was the second in Baker Lodge’s backcountry beginner trip series! 

Basic Snowshoe - Surveyors Lake, Jan 16


“Fun day on the snow, tagging four different lakes.”  - Louise Suhr

Despite sneaky tree wells that made for circuitous travel, the members of this winter snowshoe prevailed and eventually got to Divide Lake where they enjoyed a well-earned second lunch.

Alpine Conditioning Hike - Cableline Trail, Jan 20


The solid darkness except for our headlamps made for an interesting adventure as we couldn't see much further in front of us.” - Don Sarver 

A dark and spooky hike for our adventure hours (very early rising) members!

Cross-Country Skiing - Erling Stordahl, Jan 25


“Great day skiing in the sunshine with a fun group!” - Emma Agosta  

Congratulations to Emma for leading her first, inaugural cross-country ski trip! Click the link to read more about her experience leading a fun group of skiers through Erling Stordahl.

Backcountry Ski/Snowboard - Crystal Mountain Backcountry, Jan 28


“We were pleased to find that we were the only party out in the Bear Gap area.” - Paul Brown

This trip highlights not only a fun day exploring the Crystal Mountain backcountry, but provides a great reminder of why participants should carry ski crampons and have packs that can carry skis. 

Intermediate Snowshoe - Skyline Ridge, Jan 29


 “Good weather, perfect fresh snow and unexpected sunshine made this outing even more enjoyable than the standard Skyline Lake jaunt”.  - Alina Badus

This  intermediate snowshoe offered participants  surprisingly fun exploration of the ridge, and gorgeous views of Glacier Peak and Sloan Peak.

Winter Scramble - Roaring Ridge, Jan 29


“Once we leave the road, we climb steeply through the trees…” - Susan Shih

This winter scramble is well worth doing for its stunning views alone!

Basic Snowshoe - Reflection Lakes, Jan 29


“You could feel the vibes from all the cars and folks ready to enjoy fresh new snow and sunshine!” - Diann Sheldon

This  basic snowshoe was a “treasure” of a day, as many experienced their first winter waterfall sighting! The excursion to Reflection Lakes is aptly named, as participants found themselves awe-stricken by the ice forms, colors, and sounds before them!

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