Top 10 Trip Reports - December 2022

Each month, we sort through all your trip reports. Then, we pick our favorites and celebrate them here! Read on for our favorites from December 2022.
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January 09, 2023
Top 10 Trip Reports - December 2022
Mount Teneriffe. Photo by Sherrie Trecker.

December's Top Trip Reports catalogs the closing chapter of a truly wonderful and joyous year, despite an end-of-month ice storm that had everyone wondering if they would "make it home for the holidays"!

Read on for some of our favorite trip reports from last month, including a tumultuous sea kayaking trip, arduous scrambles, numerous snowed-in parking lots, a spicy bikepacking trip, and endless smiles! 

Photography & Day Hiking - Twin Sisters Traverse, Dec 1


“The unmarked road had thick snow patches in shaded areas early on. A 4x4 was a must on this day up to where I decided to park. From there I hiked the steepest logging road that was on the sunnier side.”  -Sergio Rojo

A lesson in trusting your gut and not falling victim to the sunk-cost fallacy, this trip report is a lovely reminder of knowing when to turn around and finding contentment in the wildlife and views, if only two miles in. 

Backcountry Skiing - Bullion Basin, Dec 2


“Snow conditions and stability kept our confidence high.”  -Paul Brown

This trip report highlights a fun, snowy outing of calculated decision making, group collaboration, and regrouping and navigating in tree-covered terrain. 

Winter Scramble - Blowdown Mountain, Dec 3


“The forecast was for perfect conditions: clear and cold.” -Dave Morgan

This winter scramble provided a great day in the mountains (and a great workout!) despite the incredibly cold temperatures, howling winds,  and ridiculously deep snow. 

Snowshoe - Mowich Lake, Dec 4


The snow was deep and heavy powder. We sunk down, even with snowshoes above the ankles at first, then later on up to knees. ” -Michelle Peterson

Far off the main road, the "no-scenery" snowshoe  of Mowich requires not only high clearance 4-wheel drive, but excellent strength conditioning when slogging through 1-3 feet of snow! 

Day Hike - Fort Steilacoom Park, Dec 4


“A new park for many and an excellent day to test our rain gear!”  -Diann Sheldon

This group of day hikers sent their trip leader over the moon when they ALL arrived at the trailhead in rain gear and waterproof shoes!  The trip's playful and positive theme continued throughout the day, with hikers catching snowflakes on their tongues and ending the day with warm beverages at Dutch Brothers. 

Bikepack - Olympic Adventure Route, Dec 10


“Energized by the cinnamon rolls and generosity.” -Dave Bryan

This trip report details a multi-day bikepack comprised of road segments covered in sheets of compacted ice, a spicy mix of gravel and icy hike-biking, the generosity of strangers, and true "trail magic." 

Winter Scramble - Mount Teneriffe, Dec 11


“A great introduction/re-introduction to winter scrambling for everyone with just the right amount of challenge.” -Sherrie Trecker

This was a perfect trip for those wanting to ease back into winter scrambling! The trip was intentionally set on the slower side of moderate and provided numerous opportunities for the participants to discuss the nuances of winter scrambling. 

Winter Scramble - Florence Peak, Dec 18


"With a few careful steps we were all safely able to cross."  -Jerrick Linde

This winter scramble delivered on beautiful views, "absolutely perfect" snow, and a pizza party lunch. 

Winter Scramble - Hex Mountain Loop, Dec 18


"Beautiful views with occasional gusts of wind." -Susan Shih

This trip report features a fun winter scramble that offered great views, minimal wind, and blue skies.

Sea Kayak - Tacoma Narrows, Dec 27


"The tide was higher that we had ever seen it - over the concrete buttress wall and the wind was creating one foot waves with whitecaps coming out of McAllister Creek." -Will Greenough

This blustery winter sea kayak has it all: porpoises and sea lions, safely rescued capsized boaters, and very sporty conditions! 

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