Top 10 Trip Reports - August 2022

Each month, we sort through all your trip reports. Then, we pick our favorites and celebrate them here! Read on for our favorites from August 2022.
Skye Michel Skye Michel
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September 01, 2022
Top 10 Trip Reports - August 2022

How fitting that this fall's magazine theme would be Trip Reports, because this month’s members absolutely rocked it with theirs! Stories, photos, and beta galore, these reports were a joy to read through, especially because our trip leaders were quite the comedians this time around.

Take a look at these adventures – including a circumnavigation of Whidbey Island, a restful backpacking trip, and a playfully educational scrambling trip – get inspired to go outside, and be prepared to chuckle.



"The climbing was superb, the great dihedral was a continuous long pitch of perfect hand crack. We made the comfortable bivy beneath the great white headwall at 6pm. Although it was quite windy the views were stellar."

This awesome trip report is full of detailed information and behind-the-scenes shots of just about every component involved in a climbing trip. Enjoy a pictorial demonstration of a DIY rodent-repelling car cover, a sick (and vertigo-inducing) view of a cozy bivy resting spot, and thrilling and chilling stories of glacier dunks and tumbling boulders. It was a bonus surprise to hear these climbers ran into old campsite neighbors from a Yosemite trip a few months back. And for any of our non-alpine climbers (like myself) who have ever wondered what an alpine toilet looks like, this trip report is for you. 

Alpine Scramble - Sunset Park - 8/6 TO 8/7


"Mount Rainier’s Sunset Park, the very best place to see two kinds of sunset: the sun setting over Puget Sound, as well as its rosy glow on the western slopes of Mount Rainier. We had ideal conditions which included a scramble to Point 6718 as well as blueberries and numerous wildlife sightings."

It’s all in the name - and the photos! This trip report to Sunset Park boasts glorious pictures of the soft sunset over the Puget Sound and pink snows of Rainier. And they weren’t the only ones who decided to enjoy the sunset – a mother goose with her chicks and a black bear with her cub made an appearance as well. Plus, these hikers went above and beyond with their trip report by providing videos of their waterfall sightings, as well as a link to the history of the lookout. Thanks for sharing so much helpful information!

Alpine Scramble - Central Cowlitz Chimney - 8/13


"No idea how this happened but nearly exactly as we sat down on the summit of Banshee for a break the clouds and mist dissipated. I of course took full credit for this and was congratulated by the group for the excellent arrival time to make this happen. We now had views and could see our next objective in the distance." 

A huge bravo to the leader of this trip for their immaculate timing (or perhaps weather-bending skills) that allotted for a summit arrival just as the clouds decided to part. If “Timely View Finding” were a Mountaineers badge, you’d be the first to have it! Apparently the mountain goats heard you were skilled at routing to the best views because they decided to persistently get in the way of your desired trail, but hey, what’s an alpine scramble without a road-blocking mountain goat? 

Sea Kayak - Whidbey Island Circumnavigation - 8/6 to 8/9


"It was a satisfying end to the biggest circumnavigation any of us have completed to date.  Hot temperatures or any significant wind would have made this trip very challenging!  Despite the long daily paddles wearing us down it was a wonderful and interesting trip to see all of Whidbey Island in four days.  Sharing this experience with Brian and Will was awesome and I couldn’t have asked for better paddling partners.  Now on to the next adventure in Puget Sound!"

Thorough, playful, and humorous, this trip report will make you learn, laugh, and feel like you're living right beside them in your kayak. This trip report is full of energy and pleasant surprises, including an unexpected and luxurious (as in not-camping-food) dinner at a nearby restaurant, a close porpoise encounter, kayak-playing in boat wakes, beautiful skyline views, and the best lunch spot ever. Luckily, these kayakers scheduled their trip past the naval base during a time when they weren’t engaging in artillery practice and avoided becoming “moving targets.” Unluckily, one of the participants took a splash into the water and managed to recover all gear except their glasses, which were “sacrificed to the Whidbey Gods.” After months of planning, it sounds like you created an incredible and unforgettable trip. Thank you for sharing it with us!

Glacier Peak/Disappointment Peak Cleaver - 8/14


 "We made it to those beautiful verdant hillsides around 2:15 after those switchbacks. I really stopped paying attention after that because the trail was so distractingly stunning and we were already taking a lot of stops. I think high camp around 7200 is probably the best place to camp and maybe the last or second to last solid water source before the summit."

I’m not a trail runner, but this trip report makes me want to be one! Expansive landscape shots and raving reviews of the summit make for an inspiring report. These runners got to enjoy a trail in excellent condition, and it sounds like they made the most of it by being the second to last group to come back down. We’re happy you made it to your “fav summit yet” and hope you had fun on the run!

Alpine Scramble - Wilson Park - 8/20


"A great day in the mountains with a very wide range of terrain.  Our total time was ~11 hours, with 3 hours to our unnamed summit, another 3 hours to our ~8200’ cleaver crossing, followed by four hours to Christine Falls.  The final ‘Nisqually River Beach Walk’ back to the cars took another hour. A great workout at ~12 miles and ~5000’ gain." 

The scramblers of this trip were admirers of all geological and ecological features of this hike, encountering cool and obscure-looking rock sculptures, damp meadow brush that left them mysteriously sticky, plenty of snowfields, and “prime marmot real estate” indicated by “scatological evidence.” Plus, they partook in some adventurous experimental route finding back to the parking lot. The smiles on these faces, and the playfulness of the report, make you wish you had been on top of your game and registered for this scramble. At least we can partake in the happiness vicariously by enjoying the fun photos and detailed trail tips.

    Backpack - Wonderland Trail: Longmire to Westside Road - 8/10 to 8/12


    "Once over the bridge we started the 1,300 vertical ft. climb to Emerald Ridge.  Two thirds of the ascent was under cover of the forest, but when we emerged from the canopy we were treated to some of the most awe-inspiring views that MRNP has to offer."

    This backpacking trip sounded seamless, with an early arrival at camp that allowed for plenty of time to set up, play card games (an essential), and relax. They were even graced with a good first night’s sleep – often a rarity at the beginning of a backpacking trip. Although Mirror lake was not as reflective as usual, they still saw plenty of wildflowers and stunning views of the surrounding mountains. On the theme of excellent trip reporting, these backpackers even included photos of maps marking their trail path and a spreadsheet with their stats of the hike. Now that’s trip reporting to the max! 

    Alpine Scramble - Kaleetan Peak/White Ledges - 8/1


    "The White Ledges offers plenty of variation. It is a little easier if you stay left (T4), and a little more exposed and challenging in the center or right side of the rock face (T5). The hand and footholds are excellent but there are still some loose rocks that will be sitting on many of the little ledges to beware of. At the top of the rock face, angle up to the right to gain the standard trail on the ridge."

    If you are in need of some refreshing-looking waters to cool off from the hot summer weather, check out this trip report. And if you're curious what scrambling in action may look like, this report has some awesome shots of climbing and hiking up steep rocky mountain sides. To top it off, there are some incredible photos of the summit views - a beautiful scramble! These scramblers also came across a full Mountaineers summit register. We rely on our mountain-loving members to let us know when summit registers need to be replaced, so thank you folks for keeping us up to date on our register’s conditions!

    Alpine Scramble - The Palisades & Marcus Peak - 8/7


    "All trails were in great shape.  Climbers path to Green Park saddle is visible.  Gully up to Marcus was passable and Palisades was a straightforward boot path.  Mosquitoes are out in full force though."

    These scramblers enjoyed an all-around successful trip with a sunny summit, a refreshing lake swim, and even a peaceful sighting of a black bear munching on some shrubbery. To all participants of this trip, we commend you for braving the mosquitos and making it to the summit. Hopefully your post-hike swim was helpful in cooling you, and your mosquito bites, off. 

    Bikepack - Palouse to Cascades Trail - 8/10 to 8/11


    "We awoke to clear skies, and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast while watching the sun rise over the mountains and reflect on Keechelus Lake and through the Cold Creek tunnel. The return trip was a scenic downhill coast back to the Cedar Falls Trailhead, returning by 10:30 AM (return trip riding time, approximately 2.5 hours with stops at Hyak, after the tunnel for bike maintenance, and the climbing crags for a bio break). I’m impressed with this group and excited to play a part in building a community of bikepackers within the Mountaineers."

    The bikers on this overnight trip got to enjoy smooth rides on off-pavement roads and a mix of cooling overcast moments followed by clear skies and clear views. The photos prove how pleasant this trip was with shots of bikers in action, foggy bridge crossings, tunnel travels, sunsets, and lots of smiling faces. We love hearing how much fun our bikepacking community has together, and hope you enjoyed your trip! 

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