The Mountaineers Gets People Moving!

This year, Mountaineers have covered over 72,000 miles and 22 MILLION feet of elevation! We really know how to get people MOVING!
The Mountaineers The Mountaineers
July 29, 2015
The Mountaineers Gets People Moving!

Mountaineers members are active people, and we have the numbers to show it! Simply by looking at the trips our leaders have posted online, our membership has done some serious human-powered travel so far in 2015 - over 72k miles and 22 MILLION feet of elevation gain (and we've got plenty of time for more)! 

Mileage: Over 72,000

When measuring the collective distance our members have traveled in their trips,  The Mountaineers have logged 72,707  miles of travel so far this year (as of 8/10/15). This includes our water activities and nautical miles! That means that our membership has (collectively): 

  • Circled the earth TWICE (and then some!)
  • Made it about a third of the way to the moon (please astronomers, no letters. I said "about!").  
  • Completed the distance of the PCT more than 27 times. 
  • Gone  145 times farther than The Proclaimers were willing to walk
  • Over 958,532,885 CLIF* bars (in length, not eaten). *Measurements based off an Apple Pear Strudel flavored bar. CLIF - we're gonna need some free grub for this promo!

Backpacker along the PCT in Goat Rocks Wilderness. Photo by Tim Nair

Elevation: over 22 Million feet

Sorry kayakers and sailors, but we can't credit your efforts when we look at this metric. Collectively, our climbers, hikers, scramblers, navigation, youth programs, etc. etc. etc. have accomplished 22,226,765 feet of elevation in their respective activities (as of 8/10/15)! Collectively, The Mountaineers membership has: 

  • Climbed Mt. Everest's elevation more than 765 times
  • Completely left earth's atmosphere.
  • Completed the combined elevation of the "Seven Summits" (a collective elevation of 138,960 feet) more than 159 times

Summit Photo - David Suhr

These are some impressive accomplishments! And this information is also a conservative estimate that under-reports our actual achievements because our Leaders sometimes forget to close-out their trips or update the mileage and elevation gain that took place after they are over (you can learn how to do that here). It is clear, however, that we get people outside in a way that few other organizations in Washington can rival. For example, by one method of calculating how many calories you would burn if you merely WALKED 72,707  miles, you come up with well over 8,000,000 (take THAT 24 Hour Fitness)! 

Reaching our Audience

Our members are having an impact. In addition to the metrics above, the Mountaineers have, so far* this fiscal year (from October to the end of September): 

  • Taught 208 courses
  • Had 2,461 different people in those courses
  • Led 1,716 trips for our members
  • Taken 2,547 different people on (non-course related) trips
  • Involved 2012 volunteers in Mountaineers work

*as of August 10, 2015.

Each one of these courses and trips is an investment in a student or participant's  outdoor skill set. Future stewards and safe outdoor adventurers are being created here!

credit- Allan Jones

With summer in full swing, we had just under 1000 people participate in our activities just in July

That's The Mountaineers!

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