Thank You Outdoor, Conservation, and Book People

Mountaineers Books had the good fortune in 2019 to work with wonderful, talented people on projects that our friends and customers joined us in. Thank you all.
Helen Cherullo Helen Cherullo
Publisher, Mountaineers Books
December 23, 2019
Thank You Outdoor, Conservation, and Book People

When the daily news starts gnawing a hole in my soul, I know it's time to get together with the outdoor community. I know that spending time with this positive group will lift me up.

For me, an event in which one of our conservation authors or photographers speaks to a group of people who have come out on a work-day evening because they care about the planet is a joyous occasion. Or when people passionate about hiking, climbing, skiing and more come together to be with each other at a presentation by one of our talented authors and outdoors people such Heather "Anish" Anderson, Corey Rich, Craig Romano and many others, I know it's as much about just being with one another as for any other reason.

Our community is not made up of gripers. Why would it be when nature is right here for us in all its splendor? Below is a graphic of the books we made this year, plus those of the like-minded outdoor orgs and partners for whom we distribute. These books wouldn't be possible without the talents of the authors we are always so grateful to work with. Nor could we make the sort of books that make the world a better place without book buyers, book sellers, our grassroots partners, and passionate donors who contribute to our mission-driven, independent, nonprofit publishing endeavor. 

You—each and every one of you—fill us with gratitude. I speak for all of us at Mountaineers Books in saying, Thank you. We appreciate you and wish you the very best this holiday season and throughout the new year. 

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Helen Cherullo

(Mountaineers Books is 60 years old in 2020!)

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