Tech Update 2.7 - Mobile Website, Youth Forms

We launched a mobile friendly version of our website! Learn about it, and the other improvements in our 2.7 release.
Jeff Bowman Jeff Bowman
IT Manager
October 04, 2016
Tech Update 2.7 - Mobile Website, Youth Forms

We've done lot's of work in the last few months. This update is short and sweet, but high impact!


Using a smart phone or small tablet and wish you could interact more easily with Now you can!

We just added a mobile responsive theme to our website. That means if you're using a device with a narrow screen, you'll see all the information within the width of your device. You'll no longer need to zoom in and out or pan left and right. You'll only need to scroll. Everything should be easier to find and easier to do with your mobile device.

For those you like the technical details, the switch between the mobile and desktop themes happens at 640 pixels (640 logical pixels for those of you with retina displays).

Privacy Policy

Along with our work on a mobile theme, we improved our privacy policy and how to understand who can see your information with the Our Privacy Policy Explained. We also streamlined the information on your profile page with links to this new page that explains our privacy policy.

Youth Forms

Enrolling your kids in our youth programs these days  involves a lot of paperwork. We've taken the paper out of the equation and put all of our youth forms online (hopefully easier for you, definitely easier for us, and environmentally friendly to boot).

You can complete or update a form whenever needed. Forms are stored in your child's profile, so you can get to them easily any time you need to. We've also set up our system to check  and show whether the required forms are completed as part of the registration process. You'll know what forms are needed and will be directed to complete them before registering your child for their program.

If you've got any questions about our youth programs, these forms or how to complete them, please contact Becca Polglase, .

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