Trail Tales: Stories from the Washington section of the PCT

Part 1 in a series of stories from Mountaineers Adventure Club teen students hiking the Washington section of the Pacific Crest Trail.
Logan Urrutia Logan Urrutia
Mountaineers Adventure Club President
January 18, 2017
Trail Tales: Stories from the Washington section of the PCT

Editors note: During the summer of 2016, six current and former Mountaineers Adventure Club (MAC) members hiked the Washington section of the Pacific Crest Trail. This blog is Part 1 of a 4 part recap series. To find out what happened next, read Part 2 by Miriel McFarland. And learn what self proclaimed "gram-weenie" Michael Telstad had in his pack to keep his base weight under 12 lbs through his detailed gear guide.

Early on a Wednesday morning, we all met at The Mountaineers ready to embark on an adventure we had been planning for nearly a year. We were filled with so much anticipation and excitement - this was going to be the most intense journey any one of us had ever been on.

The five hour drive to the border of Oregon and Washington was endless. All I wanted to do was start hiking. But soon enough we were staring out over the Columbia River and Bridge of the Gods taking the very first steps of our trip.

We would wake early and get ready in a mere 20 minutes, always  eager to hop back on trial. We were able to see Mt Hood behind us and Adams, Helens, and Rainier ahead of us. These colossal mountains stood as our mileposts for our travels ahead. The trail began to level out and our bodies were getting stronger but still aching inside. The miles flew past and we were flying.

Creeks, bridges, intersections, roads, towns, and power lines were all things we would see on the map and then pass by later.  The first section of the trail was physically challenging but the prospect of the days ahead kept us moving and excited.


Check out Michael Telstad's short film showing daily life on the trail :

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