Seattle Photography Committee Featured Member - September 2018

Kristan Tea is the Seattle Photography Committee featured member for September 2018.
Anita Elder Anita Elder
September 01, 2018
Seattle Photography Committee Featured Member - September 2018
Alki Beach as seen through a glass orb

Name: Kristan Tea
Hometown: Ithaca, NY
Member Since:  2014
Occupation: Retail Regional Manager
Favorite Things to Photograph: Kristan is attracted to colors and shapes. Sometimes that’s something organic, sometimes not. She rarely photographs people, because she can take her time with inanimate objects. Kristan considers herself a slow photographer.

bathing beauties.JPG

Kristan got involved with The Mountaineers Photography Committee after I told her about the beginner's class. The actual class was called something like, "You Got a Camera for Christmas, Now What?"

Kristan is motivated to get outside and take photos because she wants to see new things and learn to see old things in a new way.

When asked what her favorite Mountaineers memory is, Kristan replied that there are so many memories, it's hard to pick! Memories from Baker Lodge, urban scavenger hunts, the Georgetwon Steam Plant and the Bloedel Reserve, are just some examples.

But, if she had to pick just one, her favorite memory happened during a field trip for the Basic Photography Course. The class went to Fisherman's Terminal at dawn to shoot the sunrise among the boats. Kristan became slightly obsessed with a rope coming out of the side of a boar, but couldn't capture it quite correctly. Rick Good came over and asked, "what's over here inspiring you?" Kristan showed him her subject and he looked at a few pictures. He then offered a suggestion. Kristan tried it and the photo was exactly what she wanted! Rick got a big smile and said, "Now we are cooking with gas!" Kristan still says that to herself now and then, when she's capturing something that makes her smile.


Kristan can find inspiration just about anywhere, however I seem to have great support for her photography. She says that I'm always inviting her on photography field trips and encouraging her (I guess I project my own passion for photography).

Kristan has never received an award or recognition for her photography, but it sure makes her happy when she receives kudos from her friends. She's always amazed by the photographers who become professional and/or are confident enough to enter contests. She just happy TAKING the picture as she is with the outcome.

Pilchuck Basket Chihuly Museum.JPG

Kristan's greatest strength is her patience. She can take hundreds of photos of the same thing from different angles, white balance, distance, and lens. She doesn't get bored easily.

In her profession, Kristan is a power leader, but when she's taking photos with a group, she's more of a follower. It's like a hobby and personality vacation all in one.

Though Kristan hasn't ever held a position  on the Photography Committee, she's been encouraged to make time in the future (something that her new promotion at work will give her more time to do).

I'm just pleased as punch that I can share my love for the outdoors and photography with members like Kristan, and hope to see more of her and her photos in the future!

All photos by Kristan Tea.


Attend our monthly potluck, which is the third Wednesday of each month. We socialize and share food, then we have announcements and show photos of what we have seen during the past month or year.


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