Phase 2 of the Tacoma Program Center’s Net-Zero Energy Project Fully Funded!

You made a difference. Thanks to strong support from our community, Phase 2 of the Tacoma Program Center’s Net-Zero Energy Project is now fully funded. Read on to hear more about the project's next steps and ways to continue supporting The Mountaineers' important carbon footprint reduction work.
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September 22, 2021
Phase 2 of the Tacoma Program Center’s Net-Zero Energy Project Fully Funded!

In June, the Carbon Footprint Reduction Committee launched an ambitious $31,000 fundraising campaign in support of the Tacoma Program Center’s three-phase Net-Zero Energy Project. All funds raised would be used to implement Phase 2, replacing gas-powered furnaces and appliances with energy-efficient electric versions to greatly reduce the building’s reliance on fossil fuels. When all three phases of the plan are completed, the Tacoma Program Center will be a Net-Zero Energy Building, and Tacomans can feel proud knowing that this community resource is helping to ensure better environmental outcomes for our lands and waters.

Thanks to the incredible support of members, volunteers, and donors, we are elated to share that 55 individuals helped us raise $33,000 for this influential carbon footprint reduction initiative. With additional support from our two generous matching donors, Phase 2 is now fully-funded and we will begin replacing appliances that rely on fossil fuels right away.

Project Heats Up: Phase 3

As summer comes to a close, we look forward to focusing our efforts on funding the final phase of the project - installing a solar PV system on the roof of the building. Last month, the Carbon Footprint Reduction Committee submitted a $50,000 grant proposal to the Tacoma Public Utilities’ Evergreen Options grant program. We’re now in the final round of the grant process, so Evergreen Options (EVO) customers will have the opportunity to vote for The Mountaineers to win one of two grant awards. A generous Mountaineers Tacoma Branch member has pledged to 100% match these grant funds, which would fully-fund Phase 3!

If you are a Tacoma resident and interested in helping us win this $50,000 grant to further help us reduce our carbon footprint, we hope you’ll learn more about the EVO program and consider joining. For as little as a $3 increase per month to your electricity bill, you can join the EVO program and directly invest in the development of alternative energies like wind and solar in western Washington. You will also get the opportunity to vote on which local businesses and organizations receive a grant to implement an alternative energy source in their space (and we hope you’ll vote for us!)


Reducing our Impact Together

As The Mountaineers continue to do our part to reduce our impact on the planet, thank you for all you do to support the health and wellbeing of our community and wild places. We’re tackling carbon footprint reduction on multiple fronts, including through greening our Mountaineers buildings and transportation. The positive environmental changes that you make possible will impact our people, lands, and waters for generations to come. 

If you missed your chance to give as a part of this effort, it’s never too late to help us build a more sustainable future. Visit our giving page to make an investment in carbon footprint reduction projects and help minimize the environmental cost of our community’s recreation activities.

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