I Found My Trail Running Community at The Mountaineers – And You Can Too!

The Foothills Trail Running Committee has helped me learn about gear, pacing, and the importance of enjoying the journey. Check out how you can join this group of crazy, fun, and passionate runners!
Amalija Kopac Amalija Kopac
Foothills Trail Runner
June 20, 2018
I Found My Trail Running Community at The Mountaineers – And You Can Too!

I am a proud trail running newbie! I first hit the trails in my street running shoes, carrying nothing but my car key. “No big deal,” I thought. “I’ve got this.” Then I watched my pace slow way down from my road pace and started debating whether the steep hills would kill me. “But I’m a runner, this shouldn’t be this hard!"

It took a bit, but I slowly learned. First, I got better shoes, with more traction and a stiffer sole to help with the rocky and loose dirt terrain. Then, I experimented with a handheld water bottle and a running belt.

I eventually stumbled upon The Mountaineer’s Foothills Trail Running Committee. What a great group of crazy, fun, and passionate runners! They taught me that I should expect my pace to be slower on trails and that it’s okay to walk up hills. I learned to stop being so hard on myself and enjoy the scenery. Trail running is a personal journey that’s not all about speed.

Oh, and there are 10 Essentials for trail running too. (Duh!) I finally tried a running vest and I love it. I now carry most of the 10 Essentials, including a few first aid items, water, and a snack. Being a bit more prepared gave me a sense of freedom. Missing a turn in the maze at Cougar Mountain, adding another mile or two? No problem!

I’m so glad I got involved with The Mountaineers' trail running community, and I thoroughly enjoy all the folks I’ve met. I’m not running ultras, but it doesn’t matter: all skills and abilities are welcome.


Join us for a run! Also, consider becoming a trail run leader. It’s a great way share your love for the trails. To get involved at a leadership level, please join us at our Trail Runner Leader Seminar:

Trail Runner Leader Seminar
Mercer Island Public Library
Thu, Jun 21 | 6:30pm

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Cheryl Talbert
Cheryl Talbert says:
Jun 20, 2018 02:23 PM

Welcome Amalija - so glad you've found a happy home with Foothills!!